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    Review: Anna & April Double Trouble

    I’ve tried texting them to no avail :(
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    Review: Off putting-Ashley at Foxshire

    $$10???? Did I read correctly?
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    Review: Jincheng Massage & Beauty Spa - Alice

    You mad bro? Did I hit a nerve? :ROFLMAO:
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    Review: Jincheng Massage & Beauty Spa - Alice

    Have you been stalking me? Are you bi? Not that there’s anything wrong with that… Or you really need validation in your life? Maybe you’re fantasizing by exaggerating your size? Normally, the gratuitous need for the unnecessary detail is just for your own validation. Hey whatever makes you feel...
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    Review: Green Spa Plus - Tina

    Holy Cow! We have a writer in our midst. This should be made into a movie! It’ll make for better entertainment than the movie “Ted”(y)
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    Review: Sunshine Spa and Bodywork- Coco

    Masseuse-female Masseur- male
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    Review: Jincheng Massage & Beauty Spa - Alice

    …the gratuitous mention of junk size…eye roll
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    A Unique Experience

    I don’t blame you. I also hold back on the deets bc of Uncle Leo raiding my fave spots. Like it happened with the finest place in my area: Highspire Spa
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    A Unique Experience

    I applaud your discretion. But that’s why we have DMs. You can answer them, you know? You place an alluring review and then complain about people wanting more details before burning their cash. What do you expect??
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    A Unique Experience

    Given his last rude answer, I’d think he could be misleading, lying and not want to have us verify. Sus.
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    Any reviews of Ellicott City Naomi?

    DM me deets, please…
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    Any amp worth going too around here?

    With only 2 messages and NO reviews??? Dude, how can we trust you’re not a cop? If not a cop, you need to pay your dues and get some cred. (n)
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    Review: Spring Spa and Wellness

    Just my type!(y)
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    Review: Spring Spa and Wellness

    Any physical description? Just wondering if it’s worth it.
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    Magic)) pils

    I think there’s some company that delivers in plain packaging.
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    Crystal in York

    Yes, Mr Cop. Appropriate metaphor since it’s what you do for a living.
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    Magic)) pils

    PS: I misspelled “latter” it came out as “layter”. No chance to edit.
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    Magic)) pils

    Mostly it will be sildenafil (generic viagra) or Tadalafil (generic Cialis). The advantage with the layter is that it last up to 72 hrs. Both must be taken between 30min to 1 hour for max effect. PS: it’s not “then” it’s supposed to be “than”. “Then” is used for actions that come later, whereas...
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    Review: Meridian, LiLi then Angel Therapy Jenney

    Where’s Angel Therapy?