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    Ok Boys…making my trip to Vegas alone in a week…I go about 3x a year…2x alone and 1x with SO. I am a white collar professional with lots of vacation time…I have my fund that ensures I have a good time on my solo trips. Any recommendations. I usually stay at Aria, but will be at MGM this trip...
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    Review: Meeka Oasis Spa

    Nice review—been there once. Very nice attendant, but there was a BO odor. I’m actually going out in the next two weeks…may attempt again. Did u notice all the “professionals” walking around outside.
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    Independent provider

    So gents…any independents anyone would like to recommend? I had Sunni Rae—but she upped her price. looking for reliable—not too noticeable that screams who they are. And not get mugged PM me if more comfortable
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    MGM or Mandalay Bay?

    So…I’ve had ladies come to my room, but it was at planet Hollywood and Paris. Aria is Fort Knox, how is MGM grand they is filled with entertainers? Or Mandalay Bay in terms of getting up to room without having to come down?
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    Caesars Palace - Room key check

    Risky—-but not many alternatives. I stayed at Paris and had no problem.
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    Massages by Maddie

    Were we taking at the saloon across the street?
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    Massages by Maddie

    Shady as hell …wonder how the Mexican is
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    Review: Top Spa

    Title: Review: Top Spa Date: Jan 13, 2023 Phone: City: East Windsor State: NJ Location: Office Complex Age Estimate: 50 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Short, Short dark hair, tone with nice rack Private Details: Been here about 3 times…called and was told two people...
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    Where/how to get a Burner phone?

    Burner phone— I buy a pay as you go one at Walmart—with cash! When it’s time to activate it, I use a landline of a business that I am not associated with that also has no cameras. I also remove the battery when I am not using. I generally replace every 3 months—it’s cheap.
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    Massages by Maddie

    Hi all, Anyone ever hear of Maddie in Old Bridge? Seen her on Craigslist—only available on weekends but no telephone number.
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    Hackensack Massage

    Yup…that was my gut.
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    Hackensack Massage

    Hey all anyone try her..:never seen before.
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    Best reasonable independent Vegas

    Sounds like the total rewards resorts have easy access. I know Paris doesn’t. What about MGM
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    Review: Montclair Isabella

    Title: Review: Montclair Isabella Date: Jan 6, 2023 Phone: City: Montclair State: NJ Age Estimate: 50 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Milf that is petite, nice rack, black hair Private Details: Freak—-went to see for the first time and like other reviews she is a great...
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    Best reasonable independent Vegas

    Looks a little past her prime…granny panties LOL.
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    Review: SkinCare/Time2Relax- Adrianna

    I never had a bad time at this place, maybe one mediocre time, but nothing that would stop me from going again. Is the consensus that it’s going more toward a Latina center? I don’t mind the occasional one, but prefer the Eastern European block myself.
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    Review: Linas in Roselle - Kim

    Does she visit Montclair?
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    Review: SkinCare/Time2Relax- Adrianna

    Hopefully the regular lineup are still around.
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    Review: SkinCare/Time2Relax- Adrianna

    Sasha is no longer the MMS? I’ve been here many times…not in about 3 months and it was still the regular lineup…but I did have a Latin lass…I had scheduled with Katie and it was the first time that when I arrived Sasha said she wasnt available….very disappointing as I am loyal.