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  1. byallaccounts

    Review: Cherry tree - emme

    What premium TS means here?
  2. byallaccounts

    Review: Fort Lee - “pretty young girl”

    Business name is Pretty young girl? Nothing comes up on google search bar.
  3. byallaccounts

    Review: Kotone - Shangrila NYC

    Price is still going up? oh well.. I believe 4.0 is enough for aa AMPs.
  4. byallaccounts

    Review: The Relaxing Garden - Tina

    Title: Review: The Relaxing Garden - Tina Date: May 16, 2023 Phone: 718-864-8536 City: Harrison, 10528 State: NY Age Estimate: 42 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: small top and ass, average looking Private Details: Tina looked like she just woke up from an intense nap, nothing...
  5. byallaccounts

    Review: Adriana - 25 y/o Dominican

    Is this on 4th floor with a nice FFS?
  6. byallaccounts

    Review: Momo @ Heaven spa in Fishkill

    She looks charming. Personally their current lineup is better than places in New Winsor.
  7. byallaccounts

    Review: Mom Spa - Joy

    Title: Review: Mom Spa - Joy Date: Apr 9, 2023 Phone: (914) 358-4123 City: White plains Location: Mamaroneck ave Age Estimate: 38 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Late 30's, B breasts, average ass Private Details: Reliable spot but only offers basic rub and tug. Had Joy and she...
  8. byallaccounts

    Review: Kiki @ 67 Eldridge

    Sorry to hear that. Terrible whenever they rush you to have another monger.
  9. byallaccounts

    Review: Foxwoods - Ellie

    Nice report. Do they have a webpage?
  10. byallaccounts

    Review: Qtopia (Paulina)

    What you mean "No 50 here"? They don't take donation with odd numbers?
  11. byallaccounts

    Review: Suzu - PP

    Honestly useless review as you said she already left this country. Hope you write a review about anyone still available. Thanks.
  12. byallaccounts

    Review: Momo @ Heaven spa in Fishkill

    Right. Good news is she might stay here for a long time.
  13. byallaccounts

    Review: Kingston Spa kingston ny

    I could find decent palors in Highland, Kingstone area till 2018-2019.
  14. byallaccounts

    Review: Salma at Aces

    Had a good time with Indian providers in Elmhurst years ago. Gotta plunge into the place and try her. Thanks.
  15. byallaccounts

    Dongguang Service

    Where? Near C town?
  16. byallaccounts

    Getting a personal phone number?

    Money, greencard or etc whatever they say there must be a reason why they want to see you more. I don't believe any butt shit they want to see me because of my Good man-meat.
  17. byallaccounts

    Review: Momo @ Heaven spa in Fishkill

    Title: Review: Momo @ Heaven spa in Fishkill Date: Feb 2, 2023 Phone: (845) 765-1704 Location: Hwy 84 and US9 Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: A nice body, face, boobs you don't want to miss. Private Details: I went back and saw Momo. I was not disappointed. She...
  18. byallaccounts

    Review: Cindy at Dongan

    When I see her I hope to find there's no brain damage. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  19. byallaccounts


    Share the link?
  20. byallaccounts

    Review: Jessy at NYCVIPSPOT

    You stacked up double chips than standard but weren't happy. Sorry to hear that.