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    Review: Anfu Massage/Saya (& 4-hands massage w/ Miko)

    I think the guys there just don't have a "reviewing" culture, so it's mainly us outside visitors who contribute there.
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    Review: AZNFBSM-Joy

    An advantage is that they can coordinate in Korean
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    Review: Half Day Spa- Apple (repost)

    Yes, there's mention of this in a thread in the Private section. Nothing released yet in public media, seems it was a regulatory bust.
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    Review: Paradise Bodywork/Annie

    Title: Review: Paradise Bodywork/Annie Date: Mar 14, 2024 Phone: 445-228-9866 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Holmesburg House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $200 + $20 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: early 30s Physical Description: 5’6”-8”, early 30s, slender build, black...
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    Review: candy! candy! lots of candy!

    This hobby is mos def not a one-size-fits-all! What a wonderful world when we can all find what we're looking for. Good thing for the girls, too, who come in all shapes and sizes!
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    Review: Coco at New Day

    I visited Coco this morning, and did not have anywhere near as good a time as you describe. Certainly could have been a YMMV situation, and either she or I or both might have been off our game. It was disappointing and I'm not motivated to write a full review, but in the interest of full...
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    Review: Rose at New Day

    Here are some guides for the perplexed. You can thank me later. ECCIE Vocabulary and abbreviations Redbook Vocabulary and abbreviations Reddit acronym glossary...
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    Review: Apple @ Half Day Spa

    See today's post in:
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    Review: Apple @ Half Day Spa

    Whichever one it is, I'll be hungry for a taste...
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    Review: Apple @ Half Day Spa

    Weren't me; I know better than to do that, having several times (at various shops) nearly been hemmed in myself by lazy ass, self-absorbed customers who park whereverthefuck they want to. It's been a week since I had an Apple, but I stopped in this morning for a Cherry.
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    Review: Rose at New Day

    L1 = level 1 = HJ, possibly with OTC (over-the-clothing) fondling, or UTC (under-the-clothing) fondling of your provider.
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    Review: Apple @ Half Day Spa

    You know what they say about an apple a day...
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    Review: AZNFBSM-Joy

    You guys!!!
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    Review: Independent Rose - Middletown

    With all this ghosting, maybe she should use the working name "Caspar".
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    Review: Angel Therapy

    Sounds like a good time! Did you catch your Angel Therapist's name?
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    Review: Rose at New Day

    I had heard that, too.
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    Review: Rose at New Day

    For different kinds of fishing and hunting... Along with Wellness Spa, there is JJ Spa (the confusingly named JJ Massage is only L1), Kim Acupressure, Foulk Healing (now apparently called Angel Spa and somewhat UTR), Half Day Spa (somewhat UTR). For a fantastic experience up to but not including...
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    Review: Rose at New Day

    Yes, this Rose by any name would be as sweet. The hobby in Delaware is on life support. Still a few places to visit, but nothing like its former glory. I didn't have a chance to visit the New Day Tina yet, so cannot comment at present. Hope she comes back so that I can rectify that omission!
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    Review: Half Day Spa - Apple

    The vape shop looks like it might be in the process of being vacated. I hope that any new next-door business is massage friendly. Apple is a hot little pixie, and the experience does improve with repeat visits.
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    Review: Rose at New Day

    I made do with the smaller mirror through judicious orientation on the table, but I also strongly prefer the larger mirror in the left-hand room. Much more flexibility! It honestly didn't occur to me to make a room request along with the provider request, but I'll try that next time.