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    Edging Spot

    Victoria the goddess is incredible. See my review
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    Review: Amy at Jasmine Thai Massage

    I always thought this place was a one-woman shop. Did Layla used to work here too?
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    Review: Amy at Jasmine Thai Massage

    Title: Review: Amy at Jasmine Thai Massage Date: Oct 26, 2023 Phone: 646-925-0633 City: New York City State: New York Location: Midtown, upper 30s, 5th ave House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $120 + $100 Nationality: Thai Age Estimate: 30s Physical Description: 5’2”, mild face, petite body...
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    Providers with onlyfans?

    I've got an kink where I'd see a provider (in person) and then be able to continue "seeing" her via onlyfans. Anybody aware of providers with an OF?
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    Review: Taylor - Expert DT & Overall GFE

    Great review, thanks for the effort in writing it!!
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    Best Head Doctor

    Betty of SNJ. Lots of reviews here. I'm seeing her this week!
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    Review: Victoria the Goddess (Indy)

    Title: Review: Victoria the Goddess (Indy) Date: Sep 21, 2023 Phone: 917-500-9994 City: New York City State: New York Location: Near Koreatown House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 300 + 60 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 37 Physical Description: Perky Cs, Athletic Body, 5'4-ish, Devilish...
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    Looking for a hot young Indian provider. Expensive but yum (I haven't see her, just basing on the pictures)
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    Other higher end options

    I agree that providers with a no review policy are black holes (knowledge wide) and are pretty much TOFTT territory.
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    Other higher end options

    The vast majority of indies I find (and ultimately patronize) have lots of reviews on TER. I'd start there!
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    Tie/Tease Massage

    I did not
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    Tie/Tease Massage
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    How to stay fresh down there

    Bringing baby wipes with you, ans politely excusing yourself to the bathroom to wipe down seems like a good option too I'm still curious what others do
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    How to stay fresh down there

    Honest question, so you're about to meet a provider at their incall. You're freshly showered at home, but you still need to *get* there... That means 30min of potential swampass (sorry TMI) from the gross summer and humidity... How do folks keep themselves fresh between when they shower at home...
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    Tie/Tease Massage

    Search the forum, or,
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    Tie/Tease Massage

    Victoria the goddess is *incredible* at this
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    Boston International

    If you look on their calendar page, looks like they're all spread out. I see Waltham (most often), Allston, Seaport and Back Bay
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    Boston International

    Just stumbled across this. Wow, lots and lots of gorgeous providers with positive reviews on TER
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    App-based numbers, how to tell?

    I use the MySudo app for my hobbying texting and calling needs. I never use my real number for obvious reasons. I see lots of provider listings that say "do not contact me from an app number, you will be automatically blocked"... I'm curious how providers actually determine if an inbound...
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    Lily @ CG4NYC

    Looks like there are 2 reviews of Lily as of late... She's intriguing me too!!