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    Review: JiaJia at CCP

    If I remembers right from MAGFE she was a B maybe C.
  2. L

    Review: Cora is Back (at NYAW)

    Same, I always offer extra for the privilege
  3. L

    Review: Guo Guo - Flushing 150 st

    Around same, or they have a VIP option that's a little more than the other place but gets a little more than before too
  4. L

    Review: CCP Kyoko Off Restrictions!

    Guessing that's a good thing haha. I need to write a review to get my balance back up and find out lol
  5. L

    Provider in my gym???

    Bro that's a good point she's an old entrepreneur
  6. L

    Provider in my gym???

    Haha, there you go
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    Review: Caroline Unisex Beauty Spa-Vivian Colombian

    I've been overpaying lol!
  8. L


    OP didn't mention her ever working in a spa
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    Review: PBS - Stacy and training new girl (Judy?)

    I don't blame you for having second thoughts about the tradeoff you made. And definitely thank you for sharing the review
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    Review: Flora the Queen of all the AMPs- COMECOMEPLAYNYC

    Everyone in this thread already throwing around the CCP acronym! I'm still looking up the URL!
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    Review: PGS - Lisa

    You're welcome. Anyways I am glad things worked out for you.
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    Review: PGS - Lisa

    Well played!
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    Review: PBS - Jennifer (Nat's Doppelgänger)

    Yes that's the one.
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    Review: Guo Guo

    Agree if you're nice to GuoGuo her service gets better
  15. L

    Review: PBS - Stacy - First Time with Stacy

    It's OK, lots of meters. Nice review! Stacy puts in 60 minutes of hard work in the hour
  16. L

    Review: Tatsexy Bin- Rocked a great time!

    I know what you mean, she is VERY responsive
  17. L

    Review: Momo is a nono

    Hahaha, hey whatever floats our boats