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  1. bigt

    Review: Sherri @ K10Models

    We will never get NYC quality here in central jersey without NYC prices. With NYC prices here none of you mongers would go. I posted a review and said the price was 3.2 and was blasted. I went to some NYC places and they were really good...but all around the 5 range and above, just too steep...
  2. bigt

    Review: fantastic euro - anna

    Sorry you had a rude one, I have been going there for years and have never had rude comments from any one there. I will say that if they don't know you or if it is your first time they will give you the third degree to make sure you aren't LE. I once sent in a good friend and I don't know what...
  3. bigt

    Review: Reflexology Russian Spa

    About 5'5, thin, very pretty 8 or better, with nice boobs. But what I like about her most is her willing to make me happy. But once again I have been seeing her for several years.
  4. bigt

    Review: Young Spa

    I know it's work to them, I understand that, but if they won't just take there time and give us the full hour I will not go back or recommend them no matter how good looking they are.
  5. bigt

    Review: Young Spa

    I thought I was getting a deal. She wanted 2. for full and I talked her down to 1.5. Wish I had that info before I visited. Thanks for your input.
  6. bigt

    Review: Young Spa

    Title: Review: Young Spa Date: Oct 19, 2021 Phone: 908-227-7376 City: Plainfield State: NJ Location: East Front Street Age Estimate: 30 to 35 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Above average, a little thin, but in good shape with nice top Private Details: Seen Bebe because of a...
  7. bigt

    Review: Reflexology Russian Spa

    Title: Review: Reflexology Russian Spa Date: Oct 26, 2021 Phone: 732-548-1499 City: Edison State: NJ Location: 25 Main St, around back first floor Age Estimate: 30 to 40 but looks much younger, and in good shape. Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Very good looking, 8 to 9...
  8. bigt

    Review: fantastic euro - anna

    place was very good a few years back when Ashley and Emily were there. Haven't been there in a while.
  9. bigt

    Review: Deep Blue Spa

    Ya...the good old days!
  10. bigt

    Perth Amboy - Heavenly Hands

    Was thinking of making an appointment with her, I was wondering if you think she is worth it. Did not really understand your post referencing sensitivity of the parts of special interest. I am really looking for a lady that floats between our to worlds, therapeutic and sensual.
  11. bigt

    Review: Deep Blue Spa

    Michelle is very pretty, with nice boobs.
  12. bigt

    Collage Girls.

    Years ago the NB area massage parlors use to advertise American girls from Rutgers university all the time. Are there any left in the area, and where are all the collage girls who use to work at the massage joints in the daytime, and dance at night gone. Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. bigt

    Review: Deep Blue Spa

    almost 20 years, use to be in a warehouse off of Brunswick ave. in an industrial park. The phone number has never changed, and it was never an AMP, always American and European girls.
  14. bigt


    I never tip an indy.
  15. bigt

    Appropriate Price for 4 Hands

    I do 4 hand once in a while. I always let the first girl pick the second girl whom she is comfortable with. Always had a good time. Some girls are offer more than others do, and a girl that doesn't offer full service may be uncomfortable with one that does.
  16. bigt

    Review: Deep Blue Spa

    Get what you pay for. Yes, expensive, but both Isabella and Michelle is well, in my opinion, worth it.
  17. bigt

    Review: Deep Blue Spa

    Title: Review: Deep Blue Spa Date: Sep 10, 2021 Phone: 7327770001 City: Edson State: NJ Location: Rt. 27 Nixon Plaza around back Age Estimate: Young, mid 20s to late 20's Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Very good looking, 8 to 9 Private Details: Was away all winter and part of...
  18. bigt

    Review: Melani - Indi - that hotel in Woodbridge

    I agree 100%...If the girl that answers the door is not the one in the photos I just excuse myself and move on. Unless of course she is better looking than the pics.
  19. bigt

    Review: Wellness Spa

    Title: Review: Wellness Spa Date: Jul 21, 2020 Phone: (908) 822-8822 City: Scotch Plains State: NJ Age Estimate: 40ish Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Average build looking, a little worn Private Details: Last month I posted a review for another place just up the road from...
  20. bigt

    Review: Spa Center

    been there several times. This place is hit or miss...depending on who you see. The big blond Russian is one of the best they have. Tip her 150 up front (this is after all a Russian spa) and enjoy the hour.