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    Review: Pleasure Spa Plymouth Meeting

    Oogie Oglethorpe….. yikes….
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    Review: Evergreen 309 - Sue Wow!

    It’s a side door into diner lot…. Not very helpful….
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    Review: Tranquil Oasis

    Probably Linda moved up to mamasan… most older mamasan going back home… too risky…
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    Review: Riley- The Blonde

    Sounds like a really fun time, my only concern is the uncovered stuff….
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    Review: Ace Cindy holly time short Batman…

    Title: Review: Ace Cindy holly time short Batman… Date: Jun 24, 2021 Phone: Na City: Lansdale State: Pa Location: Near dunkin donuts Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Short chubby Private Details: Been a while, wanted see what was happening at Ace since they...
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    Review: Independant Heidi

    Very practical, can’t fault the logic. When I heard about that aspect(pole), it gave me an idea. Perhaps a little extravagant. A scenario only uniquely possible in the hobby….
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    Review: Independant Heidi

    Good intel……. I think the key to unlocking the fun in this scenario is some variation with the pole involved….
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    Review: Deb in Skippack

    No shower seen, nor offered. Standard cleanup….. as well as a general paranoia about the landlord….
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    Jiankang closed?

    Sneaky….. I love it!
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    Review: Evergreen

    Hope sandy comes back soon….
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    Jiankang closed?

    That would have to have been prior to eastern massage…. Ages ago..,
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    Jiankang closed?

    It’s getting tough out there all of a sudden. Gonna have to start heading into Philadelphia….. dreading parking…
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    Exton? Be careful

    If you don’t catch anything, you usually move to a bigger net….. or move the net…
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    Jiankang closed?

    Drove by today, signs off. No lights. Looks permanent.
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    Review: Tai chi

    Ok… well thanks for the review… shocking…
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    Review: Day Spa Horsham: May

    I’ve experienced some real craziness at this place, to the point where it’s off my rotation. They can’t be doing a lot of business, so they must feel like they have to negotiate hard…..
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    Jiankang closed?

    I recently spoke with Lina, she just told me she wasn’t working. I assumed she was on vacation, as her English can be a challenge. Maybe it was something else…
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    Review: Deb in Skippack

    But I have to admit, I can’t deny some of the folks working in the industry have probably spent time in a padded room….
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    Review: Deb in Skippack

    It was a two and done for me….