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    Review: Ella Russian Blonde (Indy)

    I met up with her, she down to earth and easy to talk to. She worked with Kate/Oxana apparently she getting surgery. I had a good time.
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    Big Busty Asians

    I found the old reviews, obviously no longer the number
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    Review: Princeton - The return of Sandy

    This the place I think it is, where you park, I hate how tough to get out that parking lot. I normally park some place close and walk over.
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    CL BP days massivve hangers asian Jenny

    she was a legend, wasn't the hottest but those hangers are what dreams are made of haha was it the same number as before. I wish went more when she went to Choi.
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    Review: Review: Cee Cee An Awesome Time

    She a good time but the thing grew on her lip and after covid she looks more her age now. Still fun time if she was closer
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    CL BP days massivve hangers asian Jenny

    Yup that is her, no back but all front, curious if she is still around
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    CL BP days massivve hangers asian Jenny

    nah she like 5' 8"+ I recall, definitely not short. Biggest nips like almost cow udders
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    Hello Julia - stg man that sux all i see 1820, aka the fake one, i dont see any other postings I guess the real one took a break or vaca?
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    CL BP days massivve hangers asian Jenny

    When she was a choi she had a different name, she definitely Chinese, biggest natural hangers around, i dont know where to even look since its been years but if you saw her definitely cant mistake her for someone else. Don't get me wrong, she since young by an scretch of your imagination and no...
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    CL BP days massivve hangers asian Jenny

    This going back to days when you get ads in BP and CL, I recall seeing milf big stack asian jenny, she is tall, no back at all cause all of it was literally in her tits. Her spot was by few blocks from FIT. They massive hangers like Heather Lee the pornstar huge but real, they literally had...
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    Hello Julia - stg

    I "seen" it seems like a few ladies they keep rotating, once a fat young girl, another time i go nice looking dark brazilian. I never actually seen "Julia"
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    Review: STG Indie- Hope

    She got a day job, so she free on some days and has her kids other days
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    Julia @ Dr Stan in Cherry Hill

    how long julia retired, i remember a while ago she was busy only did it once it awhile for regulars
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    Review: Rubbing hood

    where in frankford, im not sure if could drive there, im assuming she no looker and all the photos are heavily shopped
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    Review: No.1 MSG - Mia

    didnt know mia back to work, i thought she retired for some time. Anyone know where else she worked?
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    Review: Julia

    text the number she gave to me a while back, all her reply not available today. Which lately been everyday. She use to be reliable, what happened?
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    Review: Julia

    text stan nothin no reply
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    Review: Julia

    nothing yet how people still getting appointments?
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    Review: Julia

    she gave me another number and said to use that number. i text both lately no reply before she was good at replying. What days you hit her up?
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    Review: Julia

    same number or did she change that too?