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  1. Devdev

    Review: Summer OE

    Damn, this lineup could be a problem for my finances lol
  2. Devdev

    Review: Ruby at Oriental Elite

    Im far from a karen lmao… you got the wrong person. I did speak to mamasan, but i speak to her every time i go to OE, as her and i are very friendly. The fact that you “looked at my post history”, and are projecting yourself on me with this comment, says a lot about you as a person. I choose to...
  3. Devdev

    Review: Apple Spa - Gina

    Saw gina a couple weeks ago. Pretty much had this same exact experience. Shes great, definitely more of a GFE than typical spa service. Hopefully this level of service can become the standard locally!
  4. Devdev

    Review: Ruby at Oriental Elite

    Im never afraid to walk! I wish more mongers would. We aren’t powerless in this hobby, and in fact, the way we spend our dollars has a huge impact on what happens with the providers.
  5. Devdev

    Review: Elite. OE. Ruby

    If one monger wears her out, shes working at the wrong place lol. I saw q after she saw 4 mongers in a row, and she was still her upbeat self.
  6. Devdev

    Review: Ruby at Oriental Elite

    Title: Review: Ruby at Oriental Elite Date: Feb 24, 2024 Phone: (570) 453-7735 City: Wiikes barre twp State: Pa Location: Across from Wegmans House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $70 + 0 Nationality: Vietnamese Age Estimate: 50s Physical Description: About 5’5”, very weathered face, small...
  7. Devdev

    Review: Oriental Elite - New Girl

    so you wrote a review for a provider you didnt see? Not sure what this is a review of…
  8. Devdev

    Review: Oriental Elite - Q

    Q has man made B cups. Reviews like this always make me skeptical, because clearly op didnt see q, or needs glasses/a head exam…
  9. Devdev

    Review: Elite. OE. Ruby

    Truly a ymmv hobby, because when i saw Ruby on Saturday, i had one of the worst experiences ive ever had at any spa.
  10. Devdev

    Review: Sunstar Lisa

    Definitely an accurate review for Lisa. She was my go to for a while, but in my opinion she not only rushes things, but she also has seemed to let herself go recently. If i had to guess, id assume its related to alcohol and/or aging.
  11. Devdev

    Review: Q at Oriental Elite

    I was just going off what mamasan told me… i was pleasantly surprised when she messaged last week to let me know Q is coming back! Hoping i can get down there this week
  12. Devdev

    Review: Indy - two girl STG

    You do know you can leave, right? Its always a crap shoot with the hotels, I’ve actually had some great experiences, but ive also opened the door and turned around immediately. How are you supposed to get what you want, when you cant even communicate it? Should have left then and there.
  13. Devdev

    Review: Apple-Gina

    Its about the services offered. No one else is offering body slides in the shower locally.
  14. Devdev

    Review: Gina, The Last Train to "Larksville"

    I love a good shower session like that! That’s usually why i make the trip down to Philly. I was on the fence, but may have to stop in and see Gina after reading this one.
  15. Devdev

    Review: Apple Spa - Sasa / Sasha?

    Thats the specificly the room i was thinking of when i made the comment
  16. Devdev

    Review: Apple Spa - Sasa / Sasha?

    I have adhd, i cant help but notice everything lol
  17. Devdev

    Review: Gina Apple Spa

    If you have a smartphone, you have one with you already.
  18. Devdev

    Review: Apple Spa - Sasa / Sasha?

    joe, OE is dimly lit, and i hate to say it but isnt very clean. Just look at the walls next time you’re laying there. Apple is definitely better lit, and cleaner, as far as facilities go.
  19. Devdev

    Review: Aroma spa house

    This spa/review is in the correct spot, this forum covers all NEPA, not just Scranton/wilkes
  20. Devdev

    Review: Apple Spa / Gina

    Yes and no. Ive gotten all options mentioned in this review, with sasa/yuki. The level of service is definitely hit or miss depending upon what provider you see, as is the case almost everywhere.