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    Review: BEBE — DaDaDa

    I've never heard any of that....
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    Review: Big ass, natural C top - Khani at SPA 1

    Hahahahaha! Nice! Been awhile...but I'm goin back now.....
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    Review: Eden Rose

    Been DYING to meet her. Came very close to a meeting but it didn't work out last-minute...... Sucks! I'm jealous. My mission is to meet her before the summer ends!
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    Review: Green Garden Therapy Rose and Helen

    How does helen look? For me riggt now Emily is my go to....hands down.
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    Review: New Century Day Spa - Never Again

    They didn't freak out or anything. A second or two of asking me to stay but I made it obvious, albeit politely, (which they certainly deserve) that I was outta there.
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    Review: Kang Da: Anna II

    ANNA II ? Is that how I should request her if calling for appointment? Your review has me interested for this week.
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    Review: New Century Warminster--Michele

    Hmmmm.....maybe I'll try'em again. I just left a comment on another thread about how I left this place a week ago soon as my attendant walked in. Sad. BTW.....not something I like or want to do, leaving like that.
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    Review: New Century Day Spa - Never Again

    Interesting..... Last week I walked in, first time in well over one year. Led to room and took off my shirt as masseuse walked in. My money was already on the table edge. I saw her, took a good look , then scooped my bucks back up and left. Not even in the same league as what I remember there...
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    Toned Body

    Yep. Unbelievable. It is her. She still looks unbelievable, too.
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    Toned Body

    Spa name for SORA is ASAHI
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    Review: Vicki Vayne

    Her AND a jacuzzi? Yep. I'd be lovin' life.
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    Review: Asahi - Sora

    Funny.....she hasn't got alot of ink here ar AMPR. I just refered ro her last week in another post. Couldn't remember the spa name, though. I should re visit that post and add the spa name.
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    Review: Asahi - Sora

    Funny.....she hasn't got alot of ink here ar AMPR. I just refered ro her last week in anotger post.
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    Review: Review: Vicki Vayne

    Gee whiz....I'll weigh in.....wasn't gonna, but, what the hell. I've been crazy lazy reviewing anything for quite some time now. Shame on me. My bad. I do give inputs (especially PMs) around the board, however. I planned on reviewing Miss Vayne back in April. You can see how well THAT went...
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    Toned Body

    Sandy in Denville is pretty fit, agreed. A couple at Therapy Wholistic, Bridgewater, would fit that bill as well. Look up SORA in the search function....around Edison(?) now. Shop right next to a sub shop on major highway. darn it can't remember the spa of u guys will know. She was...
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    Review: EuphoricBodywork

    Wowee. She looks awesome. A bikini pic would probably throw me over the edge to see her. I mean... whew!
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    Review: Jenny at JK Spa

    Seems like everyday she's there. I recently sessioned with PENNY, and may do a review. I admit I haven't reviewed much in 2020 compared with other time periods..... I've become lazy. I will say Penny is built pretty good, reasonably fit, too. Far younger, decades likely, than the intrepid and...
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    Review: Jenny at JK Spa

    If you're a top guy....its a no brainer. She's pleasant, too. I don't see under 40yr old guys being too into her, however.
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    Review: Dover acupressure

    For me J and Sara my personal stars. I even followed J to Manville.
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    Review: Penny NOT Jenny at JK Spa

    Penny.....yeah I'm curious, too. Seen Jenny twice.....for big top fans certainly. And fans of actual Gilfs.