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  1. Jnj041

    Review: Day Spa Plus: Thai BeBe

    Lol, the next guy will say this chick's 60 years old. I doubt it.
  2. Jnj041

    Review: Day Spa Plus: Thai BeBe

    Now that's a credible review from a very sensible-minded person.
  3. Jnj041

    Review: CC Was a "CC Rider" at Sesame 54 Today

    In my opinion there's really never been a problem with s54 as far as the facilities, the ladies, or the service that you get. I am also a big fan of Emma's cute little butt. I think the problem everybody has is the exaggerated advertisements. I personally have nothing against a mid-40s or late...
  4. Jnj041

    Review: CC Was a "CC Rider" at Sesame 54 Today

  5. Jnj041

    Review: She's Baaaccckkk! Sera at Sesame 54 Returned

    Emma's not even with in a thousand miles of that Spa. And won't be back for a while if at all.
  6. Jnj041

    Review: Sophia - healing touch

    They do nice massage there I just wish that they would finish the job once in awhile. Maybe just surprise you with it just to keep you on your toes you know
  7. Jnj041

    Review: Kelly @ Evergreen 309

    If I was Houston I would say that the girls are all young and you guys are mistaken. It's the best p you'll ever get. But unfortunately this place will never turn a customer away even if you make an appointment if somebody comes in and wants that girl they're going to get them and you're going...
  8. Jnj041

    Review: Kelly @ Evergreen 309

    You're only as good as your staff and service. Sounds like they're not doing too good right now. Thanks for the review.
  9. Jnj041

    Review: Sesame 54, I saw Jenny... Great Service

    Listen it's nothing personal, but when every message and every review and every comment is about the same place you kind of lose your credibility here. Might be a good idea to start fresh and mix in reviews of other places.
  10. Jnj041

    Review: Graceful Massage

    Yes this place is only legitimate massage. Very good massage though. No Koreans here though only Chinese.
  11. Jnj041

    Review: Blossom at CLL

    I have seen blossom a few times and she is probably well above what you stated as far as age. Having said that I think she's great and has a great attitude and delivers a really nice session.
  12. Jnj041

    Review: Violet Lily

    I have seen VL many times and I think if you compare everything to a 60/40 HJ you're never going to reach out and experience anything new. What she delivers is a unique experience that is a lot less expensive than comparables out there. There's one in Philadelphia that's 5 to 600 and another one...
  13. Jnj041

    Review: Barbie is a Doll at Sesame 54, Incredible Service

    You've been a member now for nearly two years and all you bring is silicone dolls to the conversation?
  14. Jnj041

    Review: CP - Seven

    She is my favorite of the cp girls, really love that ass type
  15. Jnj041

    Review: Classy Philly seven

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't
  16. Jnj041

    Review: Classy Philly seven

    You spelled from wrong.
  17. Jnj041

    Review: Classy Philly seven

    No thanks, condominium sex review gets the little microphone icon tapped and the story told. That's good enough. But thank you grammar police
  18. Jnj041

    Review: Graceful Spa - Linda

    This place is legit only. High visibility is a good thing for that kind of spa. Good people here as the new owners
  19. Jnj041

    Review: Classy Philly seven

    Title: Review: Classy Philly seven Date: Mar 13, 2024 Phone: Receive after screening City: King of Prussia State: Pennsylvania Location: City center LA fitness parking lot area House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 350 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 35-45 Physical Description: Really tall...