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  1. K

    Pfizer Moderna, or JJ

    QUOTE … you are one of the lucky individuals that has either had covid w no symptoms whatsoever, or your body is resistant… You may be right about my body being resistant. I am a wastewater treatment engineer and I have spent nearly 50 years around wastewater, most likely getting low level...
  2. K

    Pfizer Moderna, or JJ

    I appreciate your respectful reply. It sucks when people have to resort to nastiness to make a point. You made your point intelligently and I appreciate that.
  3. K

    Pfizer Moderna, or JJ

    5 Moderna. 0 CoVid. 71, diabetic. I get a shot every 6 months. Works for me.
  4. K

    Weight loss meds

    BIGBOB62, Thank you for that input. I toyed with trying Trulicity and even got a month supply but never used it. By the way, Medicare would not cover Ozempic, but substituted Trulicity. The cost was about $250 as a copay. I bought it on label for diabetes control. But what freaked me out was...
  5. K

    Review: Day Spa Plus: Thai BeBe

    Blind, crazy, or crippled, 18 to 80, I loves them all.
  6. K

    Review: Rainbow/Hilltop - Linda

    I’m not surprised they could be moving. Years ago that whole 309 corridor had a spa in every unused commercial building between Coopersburg and Quakertown. Suddenly they dried up, but Hilltop stayed. I never knew how they escaped. Maybe they’re feeling a little heat now. Or maybe they just...
  7. K

    Weight loss meds

    Semaglutide increases insulin release and inhibits glucagon release. Therefore, both types of diabetes patients, and non-diabetics, are very susceptible to hypoglycemia with overuse of semaglutide. The patient has to be vigilant toward managing diet and exercise, whether taking basal insulin...
  8. K

    Review: Jane’s Spa - Sophia

    I see that there is a Jane’s spa in Hershey. Looks like it’s in a house and has some pretty bad reviews on Google. Looks strictly therapeutic. Maybe she’s franchising.
  9. K

    Qitopia is going down

    There are the proverbial “little old ladies “ coming into the shop, maybe 50% of the business. Elloco is right -it’s tough to mix us in with out someone complaining.
  10. K

    Qitopia is going down

    This is the last place I would have expected to go down.
  11. K

    Review: Kim's Sara

    MetsFan20 cheer up. The season is young and the Braves lost their best starter.
  12. K

    Weight loss meds

    Another unpleasant side effect is pancreatitis. And last, but not least, a couple of my friends, who have taken it, report that until your body is used to it, about five days, there is intermittent, explosive diarrhea. So be prepared to stay home the first week.
  13. K

    Weight loss meds

    Be very careful taking these drugs. Semaglutides can cause retinopathy. Trust me, based on experience, you don’t want that, especially if you’re fond of looking at what you’re about to dine on. Oh, and if you are not careful, you may induce low blood sugar. I’m sure all of my diabetic friends on...
  14. K

    Last Meal Thread

    Wendy’s triple cheeseburger extra onions, frosty, large (whole) strawberry shortcake washed down with a 60 gram real sugar Dr. Pepper, and anything else I can think of made with a lot of sugar. Being diabetic for so many years with apparently no more time, I finally say “fuck you blood glucose”
  15. K

    Review: Green Spa Plus - Tina

    Jesus, what are you looking for?. Any younger you’re a pedophile.
  16. K

    Review: Green Spa Plus - Tina

    You’ve got the concept of perspective down pat. And I think you really understand how they feel about us. Another great story/review. Keep them coming. No pun intended.
  17. K

    Review: Green Spa Plus - Tina

    Nice sequel to “Fang”.
  18. K

    Review: Langhorne Hotel - Linda

    A tip from a frequent flier. Don't say hello to the receptionist - it only makes you seem nervous and guilty of something.
  19. K

    Review: Jenny – Blue Sea Spa

    I like this format.
  20. K

    Review: Shuxintang Acupressure Massage & SPA - Lucky

    Shower in two weeks. Ask for the VIP slip and slide.