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    Aurora vs Seoli?

    debating which one to go with…can anyone share pros and cons? How accurage are their pics in percentage?
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    Asking for Sapporo soapland/deli heru recommendations

    not sure if this is the best place to post this (if you know better forums to post this on, please share! and i'd be happy to post somewhere else if this isn't appropriate here), but i'll be in Sapporo for a little over 3 days from tomorrow and am keen to explore the famous susukino district...
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    Review: Yukiko -Rising Sun

    Title: Review: Yukiko -Rising Sun Date: Aug 4, 2023 Phone: (929) 676-6606 City: Manhattan State: NY Location: UES House Fee and Tip (if applicable) 210 (discount) Age Estimate: 22 Nationality: Japanese Physical Description: Pretty, young, pale face, full-bodied, tall (at least 5'8")...
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    Review: Xoxo Tara

    would you say tthose are not real pics of her?
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    Review: Hana at Xoxo

    did she say around when? mms said next year...
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    Review: WSD/PP - Erin

    Title: Review: WSD/PP - Erin Date: May 27, 2023 Phone: Location: Midtown Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Japanese Physical Description: full-figured but not fat in any way, good smile Private Details: had to wait for 15 minutes and was about to head out, but she came to apologize and ask...
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    Review: Sonia @ Dream Dream You TOFFT

    she's absolutely positively in her 40s, possibly early 50s
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    Review: 10Ten Maho AKA J-Hara

    who's hara?
  9. V

    are kanako's pics accurate? kinda confused because their daily announcement has a different photo up
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    Review: Summer 10Ten

    How would you describe her face?
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    Review: SGL Yuuna Incroyable

    what do you mean by “possibly beautiful”?
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    Review: Mina - NYSE

    what about the face? Similar type?
  13. V

    mina @ xoxo?

    I see the racist reply from another user thankfully got removed. does anyone have a real response to this question?
  14. V

    does Nicole (the new comer) look familiar to you

    how about you read OP's comment to find out who
  15. V

    does Nicole (the new comer) look familiar to you

    Sorry it’s not an answer but is the first pic really of her?
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    mina @ xoxo?

    anyone toftt?
  17. V

    Chinese-only places

    unless OP shares any details, just assume he's trolling
  18. V

    i think kim runs it, so you're in good hands
  19. V

    is cervine DDY for real?

    she looks like a cross between taylor swift and shakira in her pics...anyone know if these are for real, representative, or total BS?
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    Carlin in shangrila?

    anyone seen her? is she really like the pics? i'm just browsing sites from time to time these days but her profile made me do a double take