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  1. quintetmaximus

    Review: Next Level Massage

    I feel for her but sounds like she was unprepared for the heat. She used criagslist for more clients and enjoyed the money. However more clients means more attention. Also most men are not discrete. There are plenty of indy (older) caucasian ladies who have been reviewed for years. There is no...
  2. quintetmaximus

    Best HE Only

    No one mentioned that a FS girl is looking for that FS tip. A HJ is less money and I find the enthusiasm lacking for just a HJ. The HJ girls can bleed you dry with upgrades like losing their top (or bottom) but as long as you hold the line, you're good.
  3. quintetmaximus

    Review: Mei Ling not even diy anymore?

    My rule of thumb for tips is $20/hr for legit places. I want my favorites to give their best every visit.
  4. quintetmaximus

    4 handmassage

    I Gave it a try once. It was fun. On the flip, the usual DIY but I declined. The funny thing was the UTC action I got with both while they were "encouraging" me. I find keeping things light and not being a dick helps with future visits. Slow days and late nights around closing always serve me...
  5. quintetmaximus

    Review: It's always Sunny @ Yang Yang

    Looks like it's their MO. It was only by a little and I had to meet my friend at the bar anyways. She got (almost) fully naked for me. Most girls don't even like UTC up top.
  6. quintetmaximus

    Review: It's always Sunny @ Yang Yang

    Title: Review: It's always Sunny @ Yang Yang Date: Dec 10, 2023 Phone: (484) 322-5192 City: Eagleville State: PA Location: Next to Sunoco House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60+80 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50s Physical Description: 5'7" with youthful face, handful up top, flat ass...
  7. quintetmaximus

    Review: Mei Ling Spa

    There were two long time Chester County spas, WCT and Apple spa (Thorndale), which didn't stay in business. Legit places offer DIY to accommodate the market without crossing the line. Places that offer more are always on borrowed time.
  8. quintetmaximus

    Review: Rising Sun (Joannas)

    Title: Review: Rising Sun (Joannas) Date: Aug 14, 2023 Phone: 267-288-7600 City: Malvern State: PA Location: Across from Wawa House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 120/60 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Middle asian Physical Description: 5'4", B cup, cute smile with a nice ass for an asian...
  9. quintetmaximus

    Review: Rising Sun (Joannas)

    Title: Review: Rising Sun (Joannas) Date: Aug 14, 2023 Phone: 267-288-7600 City: Malvern State: PA Location: Across from Wawa House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 120/60 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Middle asian Physical Description: Decent curves for an Asian Private Details: After...
  10. quintetmaximus

    A.A. friendly spots/ providers

    I've never had an issue in 25+ years of mongering as an AA male. I've struck out a few time with known HE spots but I've also gotten HE from legit/DIYs also. If anything, I have noticed places are quick to assume I'm not LEO. There is the occasional asking for money up front from a new place but...
  11. quintetmaximus

    Review: Mei Ling -East Norriton. Helen

    I did a 4-hand and had UTC roaming up top however jr was off limits. Didn't DIY but it was still funny. Sometimes a slow day or a late night visit is enough encouragement to actively help. Also I like longer sessions (90+ min) so that helps the odds in my favor.
  12. quintetmaximus

    Review: Rising Sun Paoli - Susan

    Susan is good at what she does; Just read the other reviews. You really cannot go wrong with her.
  13. quintetmaximus

    Getting bored with local fare

    MM is reviewed every week and plenty of reviews for Amy at Sunflower. It's possible; just make an appointment. You don't want to leave the area, don't want to pay for independents, etc. No wonder you are frustrated. Your standards are too high for your time commitment and wallet. Gas up the...
  14. quintetmaximus

    Review: Mei Ling (pottstown) - Cindy & Jen

    Title: Review: Mei Ling (pottstown) - Cindy & Jen Date: Jul 9, 2023 Phone: (610) 323-6183 City: Pottstown State: PA House Fee and Tip (if applicable) 150/60 Age Estimate: 50s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Older with (asian) curves Private Details: After braving the rain...
  15. quintetmaximus

    Where can I find a European to take my v card?

    I second this. Paying for affection pales in comparison to the real thing.
  16. quintetmaximus

    I-95 NE Philly Collapse

    Unlimited budget. 24/7 crews. Waiving of regulation. I'm sure the usual union posturing will not be tolerated either. That the crux of our problem today. We know exactly what needs to be done but need to cut the red tape and provide exceptions to the rules to do it.
  17. quintetmaximus

    Review: Yang Yang Body & Foot Massage - Linda

    If one isn't planning on returning to an establishment or just testing the waters, I can understand tipping $40. BUT if you really are a regular, I would go with 60. That extra $20 is a worthwhile investment for a girl I see often and gives me consistent service that I enjoy.
  18. quintetmaximus

    I-95 NE Philly Collapse

    Any chances of visiting any AMPs or providers in Philly are out of the question for now. Also nothing is fast-tracked anymore. 3 months until construction of the new bridge in Minneapolis. This will be at least 6 months of hell.
  19. quintetmaximus

    Review: May - Joannas

    Title: Review: May - Joannas Date: May 14, 2023 Phone: google City: Paoli State: PA Location: Wawa Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: Decent caboose for an Asian Private Details: Decided for an evening visit on a whim. I had heard decent things about May. While visiting the shower I...
  20. quintetmaximus

    Review: Nirvana - Lili ( I think)

    The current crew/lineup is horrible; It's sad. I used to frequent this spot in the day.