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    Review: Stone Bodyworks - Sunny

    A fave of mine too...ggt still shut down as of a couple days ago. Had some great talent, stay tuned
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    Febecca GGT

    Anybody know where Rebecca from the now closed GGT went? Place was still closed a few days ago...
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    Rt23 spas

    Discussed elsewhere, attracting local attention, I'd be cautious.
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    Rt23 spas

    Don't bother with Garden spa by the newfoundland post office, nor Rte 23 spa southbound right down the road. Both have older out of shape providers, however Yuki at Garden spa, very petite, does provide a decent massage. Otherwise, ggt had the best talent...
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    GGT Ladies

    O crap...
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    GGT Ladies

    Not that I saw
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    GGT Ladies on Rose?
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    GGT Ladies

    No answer from Cindy
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    Review: GGT disappointment

    Have had MMS fill in the time, or added time to the next visit...just sayin...sorry you had a bad experience. Gotta speak up...
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    Review: Jasmine Edison

    That's correct
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    Review: GGT Vivian

    Looking forward to seeing her!
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    Review: Rebecca GGT

    You won't be disappointed
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    Review: Ggt Rebecca and kelly

    Give Cindy a call...
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    Review: Ggt Rebecca and kelly

    Haven't met Kelly but Rebecca is great...
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    Review: Egyptian/Hailey

    No excuse for violence. If she was attacked I feel sorry for her. This should be a hobby of mutual respect.
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    Review: GGT Newfoundland Mona

    Too bad, she's super nice...
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    Review: GGT - Rebecca

    In the past, Rose and Nicole would be sure to get the time back for you.... Cindy seems nice, mention the time missing to her...
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    Review: Minnie Stunner - Indy

    Skip the games
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    Review: Green Garden Therapy Tina

    Agreed, still miss Rose though....and Dream...and Sunny.....and Tiffany...and and and....
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    Review: GGT -Bella

    Will miss Rose, Sunny and Dream. All three were exceptional. Sigh.....