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    Non Asian Agency in Vegas

    100proof has what you looking for.
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    Going with a friend?

    I've gone a couple of times with a friend. The results were mixed. The first time was at Jewels/Gentlemen's Choice in Manhattan. I really wanted to bang Tina Marie, but my friend didn't like any of the other girls so we both left. We went to a spa where I got the old hag who was probably MMS...
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    Las Vegas monger advice

    Vegas has two or three real popular Asian services that provides incall. The one that comes to mind is Vegas Asian Club. I think they will send a driver to pick you up. I have never used them, but they are popular on another review board. I prefer outcall in Vegas. You can still cut your...
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    Anybody Know Onlyfans Girls In The Area That Let You Record Them?

    Erica St. James records with fans. I don't know if she will let you post it. Other names that seem to shoot with randoms are Mia Betancourt, Addis Fouche, and Madylnn Moon. The last one has a doubles vid with her and the infamous Gina Rollins.
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    Best reasonable independent Vegas

    Vdara and Bellagio require a keycard. I think NYNY does not. Also I may be wrong about Harrah's. Now that I think about it, I want to say you need a keycard to work the elevators in the remodeled tower. I know for certain PH and Bally's do not as I've entertained at both in the past year.
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    Best reasonable independent Vegas

    No keycard required at Cosmopolitan. If you want to go a step or two below Cosmo, Planet Hollywood, Harrah's, and Bally's do not require a keycard.
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    Review: Tina Marie

    She is in California but she travels all over. I used to subscribe to her OF. She was out in NYC quite a bit.
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    Review: Tina Marie

    According to TER, 1.5K/hr.
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    Review: Tina Marie

    Lethal Lipps has an OF page and I believe she still escorts. Cherokee is still available as well but you have to join her Loyalfans page to book. And she claims she is retiring this year.
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    Review: Lisa STG Brazilian

    Lol...makes me think of Soldier Boy and the two GILFS on The Boys. They would have to be the world's oldest duo.
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    Milking Table Options?

    Kasia Kaoir. Ebony provider. Her website seems dated but her P411 profile is active.
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    Christmas trip to Vegas? recommended?

    I was in Vegas the week before Christmas a few years ago. It is cold at night. Won't see as many casino girls walking the strip but you can still find them at the bars. As far as AMP activities, they have two major agencies: Little Tokyo and VAC. I never tried either. Screening was too rigid...
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    Milking tables

    Sensual Stormi. I've never tried a milking table, but her pics make it tempting. Price is pretty high though.
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    hair trimming places in CNJ

    Vepo Spa in Edison offered this service pre-covid. It's next to Wingstop on Route 27. Was waiting on my order and walked over to check them out. Was told they offered manscaping but you need to make an appointment as only one girl did it. I got the vibes no HE was available so I left.
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    Snapchat/onlyfans girls

    Rihanna Lerone has an OF. So does Melody Melons and Lady Opium (I think she's moved to Manhattan). Erica St. James in NYC. I think she meets up with subscribers. Monica Melts had an OF but looks like it's gone.
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    Review: Mimi- PHN

    Title: Review: Mimi- PHN Date: Feb 20, 2022 Phone: ??? City: Chinatown State: NY Location: 136 Mulberry Age Estimate: 50-ish Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Short, A-cups, milfish build Private Details: Took the street elevator up to the spa. Was greeted by Mimi who took my...