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  1. Lennyluch

    Tashkent House

    Can you elaborate? even a little?
  2. Lennyluch

    Tashkent House (929) 813-7000 This ad and a few others are all over Adult search. I just wanted to see if anyone ever visited. I don't think I've seen a review on here. I will be TOFFT because I have to know if these chicks are real in...
  3. Lennyluch

    Review: Luisana Latina @ ABS

    Title: Review: Luisana Latina @ ABS Date: Apr 30, 2024 Phone: 929-333-3199 City: Queens State: NY Location: Forest Hills House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 220+20 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 24 Physical Description: Slender, Red dyed hair Latina with a gorgeous smile and braces...
  4. Lennyluch

    Review: Austin Beauty Spa - Rebecca

    She sticks her thick tongue down your throat, that's for sure. That's how she DFK's; she just extends her tongue straight out into you mouth, and really doesn't move it. It's different, but I'll take it, lol. Not sure about the dick thing...LOL
  5. Lennyluch

    Review: Big mouth Rebecca @austinbeautyspa

    She has a horizontal tattoo right where you may see a Caesarion scar. I didn't realize it was a flower. I saw her yesterday as well. God Damn that girl know how to S a D.
  6. Lennyluch

    Review: ABS Mandy

    Mandy has a 9/10 face. She is beautiful to look at. Nice review!
  7. Lennyluch

    Does Nancys have a new Twitter?

    Got it, I appreciate it. Tonight will be my first visit to Nancys. ABS is closer and just more convenient but i want to mix it up. Thanks again.
  8. Lennyluch

    Does Nancys have a new Twitter?

    Does Nancys have a new Twitter? The old one was suspended. TIA
  9. Lennyluch

    Review: Hermes - Austin

    I personally always refuse rim jobs. Not my cup of tea.
  10. Lennyluch

    Review: ABS Latina Mila

    Sorry, I meant ABS in the title
  11. Lennyluch

    Review: ABS Latina Mila

    Title: Review: ABS Latina Mila Date: Mar 7, 2024 Phone: 929-333-3199 City: Queens State: NY Location: Forest Hills House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 220 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: Long dark Brown Curly hair. Brown eyes. Couple of small tats. Private...
  12. Lennyluch

    Review: Hermes - Austin

    OK, hypothetically, IF you HAD to lick and tongue someone's asshole, would you rather do it - A-Without Toothpaste smeared on said asshole, or B-With Toothpaste to cover up any possible adverse taste from,.....LICKING AN ASSHOLE.
  13. Lennyluch

    Review: Grannies Dora and Lisa @ ABS

    ryangiggs08 "Lisa slides up to me, pulls my pants down, and starts giving a way too enthusiastic bbj." A WAY TOO ENTUSIASTIC BJ??? I never knew such a thing existed. What the hell is the problem? And Dora is at least 2 decades. maybe a decade and a half from hitting 50. Sounds like you have...
  14. Lennyluch

    Review: Repost ABS Lisa

  15. Lennyluch

    Nancy's Twitter Suspended.

    That's the link that was suspended. The link that works is @NancyBeautyPl
  16. Lennyluch

    Nancy's Twitter Suspended.

    I usually use Twitter/X to see the lineups and I noticed Nancy's Twitter has had their account suspended. Anyone know if they have a back-up?
  17. Lennyluch

    Review: Nancy's - Kayla

    Nancy's Twitter has been suspended for violating the rules.
  18. Lennyluch

    Review: Dora ABS

    Title: Review: Dora ABS Date: Jan 29, 2024 Phone: 929 333 3199 City: Queens State: NY Location: Forest Hills House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: Nice natural rack with big nips; long black hair; beautiful eyes Private Details...
  19. Lennyluch

    Review: Rebecca @ Austin Beauty Spa

    Where is your Yumi review?