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  1. K

    No black guy scam?

    sometimes they have a black bf/pimp it depends. some dudes try to recruit truly independent girls
  2. K

    Review: Cozy Care Spa

    Yea..I’ll never go there again
  3. K

    Review: Cozy Care Spa

    Lol it was dark too, I just did doggie and finished with that
  4. K

    Review: Cozy Care Spa

    Lol, I’ll admit she’s shaped up like a refrigerator. it’s meaty at bottom of her cheeks, yet completely square shaped..
  5. K

    Review: Cozy Care Spa

    Title: Review: Cozy Care Spa Date: Mar 17, 2020 Phone: 347-399-4639 City: Queens State: New york Location: Jackson heights Age Estimate: 49-55 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 5’3-5’5. Chubby Private Details: Decided to see how many milfs were out and about during this...
  6. K

    The white whales of Flushing Incall

    This is a lost cause my guy..I think these ladies may very well have a pimp/bf/husband/landlord that doesn’t want foreigners around period. Had a lady from the 38 st crew in flushing by main st tell me “she said landlord won’t allow it” especially the ladies that share apartments with a...
  7. K

    Review: ANHC - Yuki

    Yeah, I saw Lucia today..barely there 10mins..already asking for more..$$. It isn’t worth doing an hour there anymore with majority of the girls. I’m not going there for awhile either. Not seeing her anymore. Not even worth reviewing.
  8. K

    Review: Nancy's - Eva

    I seen her walking to Nancy’s on Friday. Probably just isn’t there EVERY week
  9. K

    Review: Roosie and Brit Ave chicks

    “YMMV” still applies right? you could pay the same as someone else and still get an completely different experience.
  10. K

    Review: Roosie and Brit Ave chicks

    that’s what it should be for services rendered lol. The performance is isn’t going to be any different from paying 60 or 100. They want you out in less than 20mins. This broad with glasses near that Tattoo parlor.. had a timer on phone.. smiled once she saw I finished quick.
  11. K

    Review: lily 80s and Roosevelt

    I dunno man, for how they want us out in strictly 10 to 15 minutes.. we should be paying way less. Like 40-50 tops,They’re way too greedy
  12. K

    Review: Roosie and Brit Ave chicks

    Don’t do it! I fell for that shit too.. took 20$ back she tried to take it from me. Just keep Fantasizing about that idol. This chick is jaded, they’re purposely shorting us on time, last chick I was with had a timer on her phone..never give them more than 60 bro
  13. K

    Review: Nini from 40th, on Roosevelt

    I know exactly who this is..just goes through the motions..a complete utter waste of time and money. What’s crazy.. I understand why they rush because when that place on 89th first opened.. overnight..I’d go there and wait inside to see someone.. a drunk ass Mexican dude would be punishing her...
  14. K

    Review: 98 Mott _Lucy 6th

    I meant an extra 20$
  15. K

    Review: 98 Mott _Lucy 6th

    Title: Review: 98 Mott _Lucy 6th Date: Aug 27, 2019 Phone: City: Manhattan State: Ny Location: Chinatown Age Estimate: 35+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Slender, fairly attractive for this spot. Private Details: I’ve seen reviews for this place for a long time and Decided...
  16. K

    Review: EBS- Joyce

    Title: Review: EBS- Joyce Date: Aug 3, 2019 Phone: City: Chinatown State: New York Location: CT Age Estimate: 50 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Short, a little belly on her, medium length hair Private Details: Seen many reviews for this place. Yuyu from sunshine spa, pretty...
  17. K

    Review: Yuyu place

    YMMV, just cause you pay more doesn’t mean you’ll get better results. I got treated better at 98 Mott 6th floor better for less.
  18. K

    Review: Sunshine Spa - Wendy

    Yeah...Yuyu kept promoting her to me “she’s good” yeah right.. I gave .9 ..wouldn’t let me touch her also a lackluster massage subpar CBJ. This review has me rethinking a few things. Yuyu is full of shit.
  19. K

    Review: Yuyu place

    I’m willing to bet, she’s fucking who is attractive to her.