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    Anyone know this one?

    I remember these pics (at least the last one) in a previous post and this is suspicious. I wouldn’t bite. Your mugshot will be everywhere. Smells like pigs
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    Review: New Cindy (Asia Mall) - Tina

    Title: Review: New Cindy (Asia Mall) - Tina Date: May 5, 2024 Phone: 717-216-8649 City: Harrisburg State: Pennsylvania Location: Asia Mall House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .40 + .40 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Early to mid 40s Physical Description: 5’4”, 135-140lbs, did not...
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    Review: Rain Spa - Shay

    Wow! Ha ha! All good H squared.
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    Review: Rain Spa - Shay

    I’m most likely going to be banned but I told the reviewer that rejected my post to F off. They are ruining this site. What more do I have to describe.
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    Review: Rain Spa - Shay

    Just had an email that this post is rejected!! This is crap. What more details do I need to add? How pink? These reviewers can kiss my rosey red one!!
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    Review: Rain Spa - Shay

    Title: Review: Rain Spa - Shay Date: Apr 19, 2024 Phone: 272-209-8835 City: Williamsport State: PA Location: Strip plaza (across from Harbour Freight) House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 40 for half hour. Tip 100 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: Petite, short...
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    One Time

    In WB, OE without a doubt!
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    Review: Oriental Elite - Claire

    Title: Review: Oriental Elite - Claire Date: Apr 2, 2024 Phone: 570-453-7745 City: Wilkes Barre State: PA Location: Shopping area House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .70 + 1.4 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: Late 30s, early 40s Physical Description: Short hair, maybe 110 lbs, MM Cs...
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    Any Intel

    I called this past Saturday but couldn’t pull the trigger. I thought 5 bills was a lot
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    Review: Lucy @ ZhenYuan Spa

    I was the unlucky one that popped in during your session. I went in and was asked to come back in ten, fifteen minutes. I should have gone back. I went to Beijing Spa after seeing a good review from here and was not satisfied. Wasted my money. Lol
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    Review: Beijing Spa - Annie

    Was there today and massage only. Saw Annie. She was sweet. Wore a mask. Did feel her breast and she said No.
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    Thank you. You save me some dough
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    Is she larger than in her pics?
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    Review: Elite. OE. Ruby

    And I bet q was a little moist after the four mongers before you!
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    Port Trevorton

    I’ve seen her about 3 years ago. Actually a very nice person. She’s willing to go the extra mile. A touch chubbier than pics but I’m about ready to call her again
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    Review: Bins

    Visited this weekend and was with Wendy. I was semi disappointed. Eva was more my cup of tea. My next trip will be to Relaxa
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    Mechanicsburg area

    My schedule changed and had to go north. I did make it to Montoursville though so I will post in Other PA areas. Will try Mechanicsburg/Lemonye another weekend
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    Mechanicsburg area

    Going to be in the area tonight. If anyone has a recommendation, please message me. I appreciate it! Thank you
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    Review: Bins

    Man, I was in the area today and drove by. Two vehicles there so I called. Had a call back from Wendy about an hour later. She sounded so sweet! Some monger beat me there. lol