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    Review: Grace Spa - Ivy

    Title: Review: Grace Spa - Ivy Date: Oct 30, 2021 Phone: 929-317-2628 City: Manhattan State: New York Location: Diamond District Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 5'2 spinner with A cup Private Details: Since I been to most of the top tier spas in the city...
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    Review: Blonde MILF @ Sugarbaby

    Looks like they are advertising on UG now so maybe they will accept non asians.
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    Review: SugarBabyNYC - Miya

    is this the room on the left?
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    Review: Bella the NYAW Demon ;)

    great review as always but she's in her 40s prob late 40s.
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    Review: Flushing-Incall-Sophie

    nothing comes up on FL is # correct?
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    Review: Tiny Saki @ Asian Star

    Are you sure the 1 you saw was Saki? she's less than 5 feet
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    Review: Best spa

    Must have missed it but cute a rookie with one review is targeting me.
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    Review: Best spa

    what was her name?
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    Review: 40 East broadway-Lisa

    Did you go around 3:30? The one you saw wasn't Lisa and she's skinny. I was with Lisa around that time and some dude outside or in another room was really loud negotiating.
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    Review: CCP - Horoka > JiaJia (Horrible > Okay)

    Title: Review: CCP - Horoka > JiaJia (Horrible > Okay) Date: May 28, 2021 Phone: 929-426-4699 City: Manhattan State: New York Location: Diamond District Age Estimate: 28-33 Nationality: Japanese Physical Description: Skinny as a toothpick / No Tits Private Details: I don't even know...
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    Review: First time with Stacy, with Lina added too -PBS

    I saw them both on Sunday. Lina has a decent body but I didnt find her attractive.
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    Review: Zeng Beauty Salon / 2 Separate Visits

    Title: Review: Zeng Beauty Salon / 2 Separate Visits Date: Apr 14, 2021 Phone: 347-851-0788 City: Brooklyn State: New York Location: 3rd ave Age Estimate: late 30s and mid 40s Nationality: Chinese Private Details: Went here based of chairman's reviews. 1st Visit on 4/14 - May The spa...
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    Review: Mina- NYINCALL (asian only)

    His review is fine except he didnt leave an ad or even last 4 digits to search on NYINCALL.
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    Review: Mina- NYINCALL (asian only)

    maybe provide the last 4 digits would help..
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    Review: 98 Mott - Lucy 3rd Floor

    Title: Review: 98 Mott - Lucy 3rd Floor Date: Feb 28, 2021 Phone: State: New York Location: Chinatown Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Great body for a MILF Private Details: Upon entering, the security guard will ask what floor you're going to. Not the best...
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    Review: Yun Spa - Lisa or Sophia

    Title: Review: Yun Spa - Lisa or Sophia Date: Jan 7, 2021 Phone: 646-339-5826 City: Flushing State: Queens Location: 41st Road Age Estimate: Mid 40s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Short/Slim/Fit Private Details: I usually go to ABC Cindy for a real massage but after reading...
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    Review: Nyaw Bella

    No way she’s in her 30s. She’s mid 40s for sure
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    PBS - Zoey vs Stacy?

    stacy by FAR. I don't find Zoey cute at all
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    Review: 18Ave Chinese Milf (independent)

    is she the 1 side door entrance to basement? i think i know who
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    Review: Pure Bliss Spa

    Title: Review: Pure Bliss Spa Date: Nov 4, 2020 Phone: City: Flushing State: New York Location: 37th ave Age Estimate: mid 30s? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Short, small tits Private Details: I have read so many great reviews on Zoey so I had to add her to my list. It's...