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    Review: indy provider onlyfans star Jooni Kim

    Different strokes, glad you enjoyed
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    Chance with a porn star.

    I can’t say any of the porn stars I ever met were disappointing. At worst they were just good to mind blowing! You are meeting girls you have watched on video, that alone makes it more exciting and they are definitely more freaky. I just guess it has to do with chemistry. Never have had a bad...
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    Review: 98 Mott street how do you guys do it

    Shit I would give up, and take the F
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    Review: Dr. Lisa

    You ate her out? Yikes
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    Review: 98 Mott street how do you guys do it

    Won’t ever join that club, lol I made the mistake of going to a place when I first started mongering 27 yrs ago she was old like 60’s. I didn’t know I could walk, it was awful she started complaining after 5 minutes of coitus, so fine I pulled out and came on her tits and some got on her chin...
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    Pornstar Escorts

    The line up for exxxotica isn’t great only ensue Reeves and Lacy Lennon are worthwhile seeing
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    Pornstar Escorts

    Any of you guys into Melody Marks? She’s touring NYC next Thursday to Sunday. Her ad is on Eros
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    Can’t wait to travel again Just peruse the website and filter it. Make sure when you message the girl it’s in centrum which means the center of Warsaw. Outcall is an extra 25-30. Saves ubthe hassle of finding the apartment. But you can’t refuse who they bring or else problems. If you go there and it’s not...
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    Candlelight Salon

    Yeah it sucks if Sophie ever popped up anywhere again I would be there in a heartbeat. I would even give her any amount she wanted, lol
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    Girl at mall

    That chick is pretty hot. I’ll take her as is but what might make her better is if she lost ten pounds just to take the tiniest bit off the hips and ass, that being said I would be happy with her. But not for 6, 4 max
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    Review: CCP - Chanel

    Title: Review: CCP - Chanel Date: Aug 7, 2021 Phone: 9294264699 City: New York State: NY Location: Diamond District Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite, A cup flat butt Private Details: Went to try out their new girl, but she reminds me of Cherry, might...
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    Pornstar Escorts

    If her implants were in the soft side I would take that hit but I hate the hard ones. She’s definitely a cutie with a nice ass but I need naturals!
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    Pornstar Escorts

    Amber Moore has only done about ten scenes all natural D cupped 18 yr old blonde, I would love for her to provide
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    Pornstar Escorts

    If she had natural boobs I would take the hit, but it would really be 1,000 because the agency adds 500 if you could contact her directly it would only be 1,000. She no longer does scenes with guys, only women so she’s even more alluring and less chances of any health issues.
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    NYC Strip clubs with Asian stippers?

    Cover is probably 30 but u don’t need to pay a cover, follow them on Twitter or Instagram and they get you free admission. Dances are standard twenty. Beers no clue I don’t drink them or spend on liquor. Just on the feature star. Either a photo or lap dances.
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    NYC Strip clubs with Asian stippers?

    Right before the lockdown last year at Sapphires 60 a nice looking Japanese girl with big soft implants in her 20’s worked there. I would have gone with her but was saving my cash to have lap dances with Macy Meadows the feature. Also there was one rude ass girl who asked me if I want any dances...
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    Married provider busted by Surgeon Husband

    I saw some videos of a guy on YouTube who filmed girls in Tijuana standing outside clubs and I saw very few I would even take the plunge for free, I guess the hotter ones are inside and yeah I would never pay 10k but if you’re gonna pay 10k the chick I posted is worth it more than the beauty...
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    Review: Tomomi @ asian star nyc

    Already leaving? She was supposed to stay longer but I saw her at 4 but 5 nope! Especially when I had her at the lower price. She was very attractive and a great body.
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    Married provider busted by Surgeon Husband

    Tried adding photos to my last post this girl is hot as hell
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    Married provider busted by Surgeon Husband

    For 10k I better get someone like this