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    Review: Rainbow spa

    Title: Review: Rainbow spa Date: Jul 4, 2019 Phone: City: Barnegat State: Nj Location: Main st Age Estimate: 45+ Physical Description: Average Private Details: Saw coco. Average massage. ST was very mechanical but not the worst. HJ was rushed but got the job done. Wanted to push for FS...
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    Review: Bay Spa - Anna

    Is FS on the table here? Or just standard services?
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    Review: Rainbow Spa - Barnegat - Ping

    Any spinners there, who would you say is the best to see there
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    Review: Rainbow Spa - Barnegat - Ping

    Is it worth the trip and do they do FS, new to area. Certainly not like Dover where I used to live. You could walk down the street and find one haha
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    New to area forked river

    Just moved to area of forked river/Waretown. Looking for recommendations that offer FS in my area. Used to live near Dover where there was a lot to choose from and always a good time. Thanks in advance
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    Forked river new to area

    Just looking for recommendations in the forked river, Waretown area. Just moved down here and can not seem to find any good reviews. Used to go to Dover where there was an abundance to choose from. Any places for FS that are worth the trip?
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    Review: Dover acupressure

    You guys are riots let me tell ya. Was just asking for an opinion
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    Review: Dover Accupressure

    Who else is top girl there now. Very upset bout happy and Sara . Wondering who else is recommended
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    Review: Dover acupressure

    Title: Review: Dover acupressure Date: (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION) Phone: City: Dover State: Nj Nationality: Korean Summary: Who is the best FS here now? I’ve had jennay, Sara, and happy. I know Sara and happy are gone. Was wondering who is the best in the lineup now. Any suggestions...
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    Review: Dover Acc

    Who can compare to happy!!!! Who is the best in the lineup there now?
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    Review: Dover Accupressure

    Any word about nana?
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    Review: Dover acupressure

    Usually get Sarah but was told she’s gone. Going to try jennay out. Any word on her?
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    Review: Dover acupressure

    Title: Review: Dover acupressure Date: Sep 6, 2018 Phone: City: Dover Age Estimate: 25-35 Nationality: Korean Summary: Love this place Recommendation: Yes
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    Review: Janny - Dover Accupressure

    How is sarah