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    Review: 465 - DDD Coco

    Why the hell would you opt for no shower???? WTF???? D3 is known for the shower.
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    Private details are for PRIVATE DETAILS….. “Got the job done”, what does that mean??? We subscribe to this site for details brother.
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    Review: Accupressure Center - Anna

    You blew your load by her licking your dick???
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    Review: DDD 465 - Chanel

    Everything makes sense except for the bag. Did she ask you to put the cover on was this something you did your own? Just curious
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    Review: Coco at rm Sunny’s resubmission

    Okay, fair enough, I also understand that your last comment was at 12:41am. Maybe you were smoking on 420, drinking, or praying the AMP’s do not get deported? Can you explain what Biden has to do with this forum? Last time I checked the rules, any political talk results in a ban? I have been...
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    Review: Coco at rm Sunny’s resubmission

    That may be the dumbest comment I have ever seen on this forum, where the majority of the women we see are here illegally……
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    Review: DaDaDa Spa - Judy

    So no BBBJ from Judy, or did you request a covered BJ? For that price, you better have or you got taken to the bank.
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    Review: DADADA Chanel

    [removed private details content]
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    Review: Coco at rm Sunny’s resubmission

    So $1.7 for a BJ? WTH is going on with prices these days…..
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    Review: Marcela - Mt. Laurel

    You were texting her about pop 2 during the session?? Please elaborate. Also was the CBJ by choice? Because the add you linked showed BBBJ. Thanks
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    Review: Dez - also known as "Magic Mouth"

    $180 for just head game? Or $180 for a time limit?
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    Review: DADADA Happy

    Title: Review: DADADA Happy Date: Mar 13, 2024 Phone: 856-956-3588 City: Sewell State: NJ Location: South of the Wawa House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 60 Physical Description: On the short side, large tits, nice ass. Longer hair. Straight nose...
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    Review: DaDaDa Happy

    Title: Review: DaDaDa Happy Date: Mar 13, 2024 Phone: 856-956-3588 City: Sewell State: NJ Location: South of the Wawa House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: Around 60 Physical Description: Short, large on top, nice ass. Private Details: Parked at the Wawa...
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    Review: Dez - also known as "Magic Mouth"

    5’5 is not shortish for a female
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    Review: Carnival - Amber

    For year? So you paid it once for the year and were not charged again? I am sorry, I am still not following. The last time I went there the girl asked me to feed a 20 into the booth, we made all arrangements, then went in to the room for the said price. There was no room fee. Maybe I was just...
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    Review: Carnival - Amber

    I have been to the Carnival 100+ times and was never asked for a HF. Something is not adding up. Sure I have slipped a $10 into the booth to chat, but $60???? Fuck that. Ill go to D3
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    Review: Magic mouth dez

    Ignoring the spelling and grammar, how was the visit? What did you pay?
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    Review: Carnival - Amber

    120 for a CBJ?? I wouldn’t pay that for a BBBJ….. Wow you guys are killing the market with these prices. Last time I was at Carnival I think I negotiated a BBBJ for 50 and a CFS for 100. Stop driving the market up guys!!!
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    Review: mt laurel asians

    Thanks for the intel, please in the future always ask for a name. 15 min session, wow I wish I could do that. I would need at minimum 30. Thanks man
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    Review: mt laurel asians

    $100 all in, or tip plus house fee? Please be clear when posting reviews like this. also, where is the name???