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  1. JuicyApp

    Review: Geisha Garden Spa Duo

    Interesting, I tried doubles here the other day and was kind of disappointed. First Ever double and not a fan of the whole changing cover with each (Although understandable). Takes up too much time and the one not getting plowed will gladly take a phone break. 1 vs 1 is more my thang unless...
  2. JuicyApp

    Review: Flavia- Fantasy 88

    I can confirm she is chubbier and older than her photos and YMMV.
  3. JuicyApp

    Review: New & Slim Chocolate Girl - Carmen @ Foxy Bodywork

    She looks damn good but if her attitude is bad it messes up everything. It's such a shame IF it is
  4. JuicyApp

    Review: ABS - review of place.

    Would also love to know about Lidia if anyone has the inside scoop on her
  5. JuicyApp

    Review: Vanilla Sky - Laurent

    Not a waste. TOFTT and painted a clearer picture for some of us. Appreciate you, soldier
  6. JuicyApp

    Review: BiG BoOoOoOoTY Asian-Annie

    Bruh.... Might have to book my flight...Right fucking NOW! Good insight amigo
  7. JuicyApp

    Review: Salacia RS8 - Someone’s gotta tell the truth

    LoL ALL of them have said this to me. ALL OF THEM. "Baby you handsome!!" "Baby you Soo big!!"
  8. JuicyApp

    Review: NYAF entering Helen's secret world

    Couldn't agree more with this. That DESIRE to get plowed more and more is the standard now. Had an inexperienced girl one session last week and I lost my Brick, grabbed my belongings and bounced. Very disappointing.. Drove to my new Favorite and she brought that fire and then some. Usually I...
  9. JuicyApp

    Review: NYAF entering Helen's secret world

    Calls me Fuck boy too Says I'm only there for one thing only, and she is not wrong. F&F&F Nice review
  10. JuicyApp

    Review: Luisana Latina @ ABS

    Thought it was just me getting old, but I had a very similar experience. Good review
  11. JuicyApp

    Review: Haru @10ten - screamer slut

    Nice review, nothing like a good moaner
  12. JuicyApp

    Review: Nancy's - Savory - Columbian School Girl

    Repeated..and somehow it was even better. She was crosseyed at one point, from how senseless I was beating it up. Could've used some caution tape to block off the Murder that occurred.
  13. JuicyApp

    Review: Nancy's- Savory

    Went to Absolute town the night prior. Probably sucked all the energy out of her. My b
  14. JuicyApp

    Review: Review: Foxy Bodywork - Valentina

    Anyone see Carmen here? Looks hott..
  15. JuicyApp

    Review: Nancy's - Savory - Columbian School Girl

    Title: Review: Nancy's - Savory - Columbian School Girl Date: Apr 14, 2024 Phone: 5163232388 City: Bayside State: NY Location: Near White Castle House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 300 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 24 Physical Description: About 5'6, Curvy fit Latina, tattoo on Arm and...
  16. JuicyApp

    Review: Zoey/Spicy Girls BS

    Listen to this one...I get a lineup, and end up choosing Celine. I'm excited since she is very attractive and tatted just how I like, but MMS walks in and says Celine has an appointment already, and takes her away. Before that she was trying to force Doubles on me for "good price." What gives...
  17. JuicyApp

    Review: Salacia-RS8

    A true Superhero using her supernatural abilities. Aqua girl saves the day again!
  18. JuicyApp

    Review: Salacia-RS8

    Left him COCKeyed, and plastered off the coochie. It happens bro, I too got drunk off her squirt. I was visited by Angels
  19. JuicyApp

    Review: Sara - Partybabes

    Same here, she looks super intriguing.. Just worried after reading about the girls with "Swamp ass smell"(?), freezing showers, and only getting 45mins on 1 hour requests here. Might have to try her tho, TY for this review
  20. JuicyApp

    Review: Salacia-RS8

    Nooooooooo Wanted one last obliteration sesh!