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    Review: Sakura lily

    Title: Review: Sakura lily Date: Nov 7, 2020 Phone: City: Forest hills State: Ny Location: 75thave Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Chubby Private Details: Old crew of coco Mimi gone. Coco must have found her guy finally. Paid $50 for the hour. Lily...
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    Review: 24Spa horrible experience

    Scrolled back reread your review on Candy and yup sounds like her. Per your review dodged a big nasty bullet with that one. Right off wasn’t feeling any good Vibes why no hesitation saying no.
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    Review: Kimmy - 24hrSpa - girl-next-door

    Just busting your chops nonconformist lol. Think I’m gonna check out kimmy soon.
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    Review: Lisa at Lily aroma spa

    Thank you sir.
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    Review: Lisa at Lily aroma spa

    Let us know if she resurfaces and where please.
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    Review: Sophia-lily aroma spa

    I asked if anyone else there she said only her. Too bad as this place not too far for me. She spent a lot of time on soles of my feet lol. Kept pressing it and I’m really ticklish down there. Told her to stop but she kept going. WAnted to kick her.
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    Review: Sophia-lily aroma spa

    Title: Review: Sophia-lily aroma spa Date: Jun 17, 2020 Phone: City: Maspeth State: Ny Location: Queens Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Piggish Private Details: Sketchy part of Maspeth kinda run down. Texted to make appt showed up asked for lily but Sophia...
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    Review: Russian Grandma-Marine Park

    Title: Review: Russian Grandma-Marine Park Date: Jun 1, 2020 Phone: (347) 994-6919 City: Brooklyn State: NY Location: Flatbush Ave-Marine Park Age Estimate: 60 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Short, Heavyset Private Details: Texted appt saw her in the late afternoon. 2nd...