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  1. tspad

    Rimming and stds

    Count me in too!!
  2. tspad

    Rimming and stds

    What about when they use a saran wrap barrier?? Seems like it would be less fun, but no worries... Thoughts?
  3. tspad

    Review: Shave and a Tug

    Always a new razor with April. She does have the taint and ass crack if requested.
  4. tspad

    Review: MOM Spa - Westchester

    Just boring
  5. tspad

    Review: MOM Spa - Westchester

    I agree, but Mom is no longer a quality option.
  6. tspad

    Review: MOM Spa - Westchester

    I stopped visiting Henry about a year ago for the same reason. I think he needs a revamp of his crew and or business model.
  7. tspad

    Waxing and shaving services

    April is around 60-- PM for details
  8. tspad

    Waxing and shaving services

    April does a great job !! Not sure what product she uses.
  9. tspad

    Waxing and shaving services

  10. tspad

    Review: Shave and a Tug

    Yes, I believe a massage can be added with shaving from April.
  11. tspad

    Review: Tranquil Spa Mamaroneck---- Sunny

    Title: Review: Tranquil Spa Mamaroneck---- Sunny Date: Jan 26, 2020 Phone: 9147323128 City: Mamaroneck State: NY Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Good looking Milfy Korean Woman-- Nice Top Private Details: I like to visit Tranquil-- VERY VERY clean and no...
  12. tspad

    Waxing and shaving services

    Go see April--
  13. tspad

    Review: Stella who is a Goddess of Fire and Ice Rimming (Even don't under-estimate her PM and regula

    Is it best just to tip 1.0 up front and ask for the "special" ?
  14. tspad


    Just a blast from the past-- Anyone remember the heat igloo and sauna at Athena???? I miss Jennifer
  15. tspad

    Review: Mom Spa White Plains, NY

    What is the current line-up at MOM?
  16. tspad

    Review: Shave and a Tug

    I have seen April- She does a nice job ! I would peg her age at 50's and she does allow UTC roaming.
  17. tspad

    Review: Heaven Spa

    Was there any UTC touching??
  18. tspad

    Review: White plans / mom spa

    Who is the current lineup?
  19. tspad

    Trying to flip a provider from HE to CBJ--

    I think it was .8 fee-- 30-40 YO. Standard service only.......
  20. tspad

    Noble Spa-- Scarsdale

    I searched for info on this spot. Has been around for a while and is claiming under new management on Bedpage. Looking for a solid spot in Westchester with nude service and CBJ. Any tips appreciated. ★★ TEL...