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    Review: Linda - Red lion spa

    "Moon River"...
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    Review: Playhouse

    Carl you're being watched. I have always thought that is the strangest job ever that guy that counts off the CD's and is watching guys getting a HJ (and maybe more) all day. Only in America, hahaha!
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    Hey I just got a call from the producers of Maury Povich, and was asked to take a DNA test. I know I am not alone here.
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    Review: VIP - Yoyo - Pretty and Fun

    Title: Review: VIP - Yoyo - Pretty and Fun Date: May 14, 2024 Phone: (610) 821-7782 City: Allentown State: Pennsylvania Location: 1002 E Livingston House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200+20 extra Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: early 30's, body looked younger Physical Description...
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    Review: Hilltop yoyo

    FYI she is working at VIP in Allentown, still goes by Yoyo.
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    Review: VIP Apple

    Haha an Apple a day, keeps me broke.
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    Review: Incall - Donna and Boba

    Oh No o_O, They don't have Wayne's "Shiny" stamp of approval. The overlord of the Philly AMP scene. Why comment on something when he has never been there? Oh wait, over 11,000 messages since 2018. You really need to get another hobby or maybe a dog. Seriously all joking aside maybe take a...
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    Review: Sky Spa - Yoyo - Sing me a Song

    Title: Review: Sky Spa - Yoyo - Sing me a Song Date: May 5, 2024 Phone: (929) 329-7861 City: New York State: NY Location: 723 3rd Ave #2/F, New York, NY 10017 House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $70 + $150 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 30+ It doesn't matter I have no clue Physical...
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    Review: Gisella

    A meet a buddy of mine for a few beers after he had just got done seeing Gisella. He was mono-syllabic almost grunting like an ape when trying to describe the experience. Of course he had a big fat smile on his face. Too funny, when the early primate levels of the male brain are in control...
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    Review: Apple Spa Linda

    I saw a hottie there and had a full experience. I believe her name was Lisa. She said she works there part time and will be coming back, (if I had a dime every time I heard that). A little older but still hot. Had a great face and stills looked great, when she was younger she had to be close...
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    Taking kgirl out on a casual date.

    Wow, I have gone out with about 6 AMP gals over the years. I am in my late 50's and I have about 25 of their phone numbers. Got news for you, it is a job to them but they also have normal human emotions too. All most everyone of them are really sweet gals. With normal insecurities and...
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    Review: Maya - New Star

    Maya was great when I saw her. Everyone is allowed to have an off day or 2. Some guys, I swear think a woman's breasts are to be squeezed so hard as if they are trying to milk a cow. Once I saw bruises on a gal's breasts. Also some gals when their time of month is approaching, they can get...
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    Review: New Star - LA Maya - Tiny and Fun!

    I have gotten a few PM about her build. She is short with huge tits. Considering that she has a relatively slim waist. Over all the proportions work well. If you're looking for a super skinny gal with huge tits that usually requires massive plastic and obvious hard implants. It looks 1000%...
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    Review: Apple

    It is on the Fast Food corner, next to Burger King but before the Popeye's. Across from MacDonald's and Wendy's.
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    Review: NYAF Lucy the nastiest by far

    Wow for 4 bens and a Jack, I have gotten greek included for half of that. (In Philly)
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    Review: New Star - LA Maya - Tiny and Fun!

    Title: Review: New Star - LA Maya - Tiny and Fun! Date: Feb 16, 2024 Phone: 267 825 6666 City: Philadelphia State: Pennsylvania Location: 1211 Race House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 + 40 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 30's Physical Description: Short, speaks decent English. Huge...
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    Ring a ding ding another Fed bust

    I read the actual complete affidavit. Big yawn. Owning 2 or more places in multiple states is what got them into trouble along with the really big crime of taking Covid funds of over 1/2 a million. This investigator "interviewed" 20 men/customers. I seriously doubt he got anywhere with all...
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    Review: New Century - Chanel

    Title: Review: New Century - Chanel Date: Nov 11, 2023 Phone: (267) 622-9009 City: Warminster State: Pennsylvania Location: Street Road House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 220 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 30's I have no idea of exactly how old she is. Physical Description: Taller than...
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    Best table table shower and body slide?

    Not every spa has the extra shower room to tie up the showers. I know AMP row on Race St. Sun, NS and Pink all have 2 shower rooms. Other spas sometimes can't handle prolonged showers if they only have 1 shower room. Something to consider if you're looking for this level of service.
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    Review: East B - Green Vue - Channel.

    Title: Review: East B - Green Vue - Channel. Date: Nov 9, 2023 Phone: (908) 666-6766 City: East Brunswick State: NJ Location: 434 NJ-18 #201a, 2nd floor Above Eye Store park in the back House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200+20 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 30's looked real nice...