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  1. Nottarobot

    Does 4 hands massage have to lead to full-service ??

    Had a few 4 hand massage at 3D. All amazing..
  2. Nottarobot

    Review: Acupressure Therapy Ruby

    Punctuation helps Swis.. That hurt my head trying to follow that one.. lol
  3. Nottarobot

    Review: Angie

    Forked River. (Still messes me up w/pronunciation)
  4. Nottarobot

    Football Draft Pick

    Kraft would hope his provider looked like this..
  5. Nottarobot

    Review: City by the Sea - Outcall (Nina the Latina Freak)

    Just Ignore him. Just did..
  6. Nottarobot

    Review: Old Turnpike

    That ‘splains it!! Thx.
  7. Nottarobot

    Review: Old Turnpike

  8. Nottarobot

    DDD NJ

    Any further info on the closing/reopening of the above?
  9. Nottarobot


    Someone posted something abt Pornhub and a guy videoing his massages. Please repost.
  10. Nottarobot

    Age range of other mongers

    What neck of the woods?
  11. Nottarobot

    Review: Old Turnpike

    She offered HK? (Hong Kong?) ??
  12. Nottarobot

    Big win for Kraft, judge suppresses vid!

    Get ready for the lawsuits from the guys that received just a massage and were videotaped. Also, I believe FL law states that the video must be available for public viewing after the trial.. Gonna make all LEO nervous on MP investigations in the future. Thx Bob Kraft..
  13. Nottarobot

    Big win for Kraft, judge suppresses vid!

    Video certainly helps the prosecution on this one..
  14. Nottarobot

    Age range of other mongers

    Game of Thrones..
  15. Nottarobot

    Review: City by the Sea - Outcall (Nina the Latina Freak)

    Vet - Just ignore him and eventually he’ll tire of his bullshit..
  16. Nottarobot

    Review: Synergy (Linda)

    Describe the two workers for me please. Thx..
  17. Nottarobot

    Review: Egg Harbor

    My gardener is crying again???
  18. Nottarobot

    Review: Asian spa - Yoyo

    Advertising Anal?? States Rear Entrance is Available! Lol