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  1. J

    Review: Sasy - New ShaSha

    Exactly.....where was this?
  2. J

    Biggest tits in NJ that aren't Jenny?

    Who's Jenny? Somehow I missed that one.
  3. J

    Review: Yumi Sasy

    Ive seen Yuka a few times at different spots, as well as here. Gorgeous, and I always had a good session. I'm now interested in this Olivia. Thx for the heads up.
  4. J

    Review: Tina- Day Spa plus plans just changed.
  5. J

    Review: Hot Snow Sky Spa

    I am!!!!! She was one of ATFs!!!
  6. J

    Review: Asahi Spa - Sora

    Well said sir. I've liked her ALOT since she first appeared like, what, 10 years ago already? She should be considered close to legendary status at this point. What a damn physique!
  7. J

    Review: Tina- Day Spa plus

    Michele in my opinion was extremely attractive, and very difficult to beat. This Tina sounds like a very worthy reason to go on a Philly suburb adventure. Thx for posting.
  8. J

    Review: Sky Spa Snow

    No doubt the reviewer gave his best, honest account. I appreciated it. For me.....her physique was the ticket and was worth it. Her personality was pleasant with me and I got a good session worthy of repeats. I was upset when she left. It's all YMMV and stuff is always subjective.
  9. J

    Review: Dream Spa -Abi got it. Well done, sir
  10. J

    BodyWorks Wellness BWW Pics

    Absolutely!!!!!!! Please!!!!
  11. J

    Review: ATF- Sandy at Sassy

    Oh....I meant to comment above....Sandy's legs remind me of Penny's.
  12. J

    Review: ATF- Sandy at Sassy

    Penny from 309 days had the best legs on the planet. The rest of her was 100% grade A .... gorgeous woman. ATF!!!
  13. J

    Review: Body Works Wellness . Sasha

    Lexicographic!!!! Nice.
  14. J


    Ive seen CeeCee a couple of times, a few years ago at this point. I've reviewed her and commented, too. Here a bit, mostly on the now defunct SH under another moniker. I was very attracted to her and had a good time. She was a solid, quality time. It was sad to hear negatives on her recently but...
  15. J

    Review: Dream-Ina

    Ina is back? I thought she left. I need to go then early this week.
  16. J

    Review: Maria - 465 Spa, Sewell

    Is she that good looking? Honestly, they've lacked some lookers there for awhile.
  17. J

    Review: Review: Smile Spa - Anita Round 2 with the Demon Woman on Bustleton

    Any worthy recommendations on someone there now? I'd like to get massage this weekend.