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    UBR current rankings?

    To get a benefit from a place rotating staff fast, they better not ask high donation because it's mostly hit or miss experience.
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    Anyone ever tried escortalligator?

    Yeah.. I sent texts to some of them and got 2 threatening messages back. They said I damaged their business a lot with my message in a sense so I need to pay back them. lol My message was simple and gentle, "Busy?" :unsure: Anyway I sent them back "I love you. Have a nice day blah blah" though...
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    Review: Health Amazing - Heidi

    Title: Review: Health Amazing - Heidi Date: May 12, 2023 Phone: 929-616-9413 Location: Lexington ave & 78st Age Estimate: 53 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Long hair, B cup Private Details: Back in the Health Amazing because I had a decent experience here before so I thought I...
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    Review: Small Spa - Candy

    Title: Review: Small Spa - Candy Date: Apr 14, 2023 Phone: (457) 343-1324 City: Meriden State: CT Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Decent bottom and top, 5'3", Bush Private Details: Finished my job early in Hartford and stopped by this place on my way back...
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    Review: Jamaica Queens Scene

    Missing the glorious Era of AMPs in Jericho tpke. There were tons of palors though all swept away.
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    Looking for an Asian GILF, at least 60+ in New York

    Please write a review after you find out someone recommendable.
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    Review: New Connecticut Spa - Kiki

    Can I have any Japanese girl name by any chance?
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    Flushing Spanish girls

    Last summer there was a really young Latina. Didn't get her name but she has a small rose tattoo on her right arm.
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    Review: Momo @ Heaven spa in Fishkill

    Great review. She is a fun time.
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    Bored of mongering...

    Can you write a review about your international exploring like a Canada, Mexico or Caribbean islands?
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    Review: Heaven spa on US-9 - Anna

    Title: Review: Heaven spa on US-9 - Anna Date: Jan 6, 2023 Phone: (845) 765-1704 State: NY Location: Dutchess Town / Fishkill Age Estimate: 40 or so Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5'3", not slim, natural full B's Private Details: I’m a bit late with this review, but just...
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    Review: Cyrstal Spa - Sunny

    How about her fingering skills?
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    Favorite Ethnicity?

    Def any Busty Colombian.
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    Review: #1 Momo0505

    . (Their asking price is too high!)
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    Review: Heaven spa - Momo's back.

    Seems like a total new construction. Their sign is too small now so it's easy to skip the location. Good thing here is girls are much younger than before the pandemic. I guess early 40's in average. But their service level is the same.
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    Review: Heaven spa - Momo's back.

    Thought this place is closed but it isn't true. The whole property is under renovation so they had to put down the sign. MMS said I can use the rear parking lot and entrance. I took the direction and slid inside.
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    Review: HEAVEN SPA in Dutchess County - Eye candy Angie

    If you don't pass the screening, service can be limited. Never try to look like LE.
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    Review: Hot Russians - Rita

    $$ or $$$? DM.
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    Wechat help

    Sounds like you are mentioning a place banned on this board.
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    Review: Sunfay

    Title: Review: Sunfay Date: Dec 8, 2021 Phone: search City: Astoria Location: Steinway St Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: big size Latino, big ass & big boobs both are a bit saggy Private Details: So I texted them hoping to get a session with Latina. I made...