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    Review: Acacia - Bebe

    Good review
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    Review: HNS - Blue

    Good review
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    Review: Ggt Miki and Rose

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    Review: BCT- Mimi!

    Title: Review: BCT- Mimi! Date: Jun 3, 2021 Phone: 908-322-8856 City: Scotch plains State: Nj Location: Above Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite Private Details: The last time I was there was pre-Covid and always had a great message. I been there many...
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    Review: BSC - Kelly

    Good review but this is typical of BSC and no one is a a masseuse there.
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    Review: GGT - Lala

    Good review. I thought it was fair price
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    Review: Laura at wellness

    Surprised with the lack of ending. hmm.
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    Review: Another visit to Oasis Spa Cedar Grove

    Title: Review: Another visit to Oasis Spa Cedar Grove Date: Apr 1, 2021 Phone: 973-570-5020 City: Cedar Grove State: NJ Location: Back entrance 2nd Floor Age Estimate: 45-50 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Bigger than I prefer rather bulky Private Details: To be honest I...
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    Review: BSC - Vanessa

    Good point Tony. I personally like that newer way.
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    Review: BSC - EMILY

    Love your reviews man and I know you are a big BSC fan but check out Danielle's review from some time back. I am not sure if its here or TNA but overall agree to what you said.
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    Review: BSC - EMILY

    JVS comes to mind but Agreed to some extent. hyped with respect to agencies or other independent providers. For a bit more, you can have a longer time and Yes, much hotter and someone you seen a verified picture.Here it could be a hit or a miss. Overall the girls here are always above avg but...
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    Review: BSC - EMILY

    Been there multiple times. It’s hyped up.The girls rotate frequently and some are not that clean (read other reviews). Is it worth the price?... it all depends on what you got to spend.
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    Review: Angel spa

    She did say something like like viserya....asked two times and didn’t get it
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    Review: BSC - Emily

    Good review
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    Review: Angel spa

    Title: Review: Angel spa Date: Jul 15, 2020 Phone: City: Cedar grove State: Nj Age Estimate: 45-50 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Plum - not my type Private Details: I didn’t catch the name and kind of my mood got off seeing the provider. She’s your typical AMP but shows the...
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    Review: Oasis Spa - Cedar Grove

    lol.... Fingers crossed, F**ing scared though... she had mouth covering when the door opened.
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    Review: Oasis Spa - Cedar Grove

    Yep - Definitely open.
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    Review: Oasis Spa - Cedar Grove

    Title: Review: Oasis Spa - Cedar Grove Date: Jun 22, 2020 Phone: (973) 239-2007 City: Cedar Grove State: NJ Age Estimate: 50 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: On bigger side Private Details: Sorry this will be a quick review. Back to make mongering great again day! I was on my...
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    Review: Review - Paula BSC

    Nah I been a long and loyal :) for. long time but never had the pleasure with Paula