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  1. xere

    Review: Dream Spa - Baby

    Trimmed or clean shaved?
  2. xere

    When you finally get a geniune TM therapist to finish you off!!!!

    5. Loyalty card/ Mileage program?
  3. xere

    Review: Aloha spa - Sophia Giving strange but very addictive toothy suction on terminlas like finger

    You can tell them the way you like. BTW, might give her a try to loose my small joints.
  4. xere

    Review: Indy - Celine

  5. xere

    Review: DOA Stress Management - Isabelle

    Nice. How often they rotate staff?
  6. xere

    Review: Swan Lake - Jenny

    Great. Gotta go back to try TF. Jenny is awesome.
  7. xere

    Review: Clifton - Suzy

    Title: Review: Clifton - Suzy Date: Jun 20, 2023 Phone: 973 253 8420 City: Clifton State: NJ House Fee and Tip (if applicable): 70+110 Age Estimate: 50 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: B cups, long hair Private Details: Been here a couple of times. Suzy has a decent looks...
  8. xere

    Review: PPC - Alice

    I'd seen her a lot. I couldn't feel any mileage of her when we cooperated and that was a surprising thing of her.
  9. xere

    Review: Green House Spa - Mary

    Thx. I could ease up on the gas and brakes.
  10. xere

    Review: Ruby - Wonder Spa

    No DFK. Only LFK in my experience.
  11. xere

    Review: Callas Jenny

    Girls were too old. Just walked out.
  12. xere

    Review: Biancas - Tiffany

    I don't like it but I gotta admit Bianca knows how to manage her workers well.
  13. xere

    Review: Review: Swan Lake - Jenny

    Great fingering with latax in butthole. Maybe you guys missed it.
  14. xere

    Review: Bay Spa - Manahawkin

    Can I bring my own milk and share with them?
  15. xere

    Review: Swan Lake Spa - Jenny

    Ask her you keep saying you love me so if you really love me then love me in Russian.
  16. xere

    Review: Indy-STG

    No k9? wtf..
  17. xere

    Review: Decent bait and switch?

    Quick rotations. We all know that.
  18. xere

    Review: Cute "Nana" - New Happy

  19. xere

    Sayreville area

    On downhill since the Ocean got busted.