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    Review: Kiki @ Sakura Spa

    Damn bruh. Sorry to hear about the bad experience. You gotta stick w the center city AMPs or the agency places like EPM or LKP. Good intel. Thx for sharing.
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    Review: Marina the Firecracker!

    Title: Review: Marina the Firecracker! Date: Dec 20, 2022 Phone: Google City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Chinatown Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: A little long in the tooth but supreme explosiveness w service that is too notch. Private Details: Made an...
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    Review: EPM Betty

    Damn. Ya. I would have respectfully walked out if she was 45…. Pushing 50. By respectfully I mean, probably apologize to her, then fake a text and apologize again and get the heck outta there. I think if a provider is pushing those senior years they gotta put that in the bio of something...
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    Review: LKP 3x the fun.

    Double Billy Joel action was happening. Also one DS and another BS and third was kissing me. Wild action for sure.
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    Bro weedwacker. Look at your DMs.
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    New spinner listed on EPM website. No TER (which on my experiences is not a good sign) and I did a cursory search on here and nothing relatable came up). anyone have any info or intel on this new EPM spinner Betty?! Thx.
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    Review: LKP 3x the fun.

    Yes. For sanitary purposes had to change hats in between changes. But there was so much non stop action of neck and body kissing / DFK and not to mention also BBBJ during the changes it was not an issue at all. if anything I liked the changing of hats / providers as I felt they were so...
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    Indy - Philly Adele

    So safe to say that you recommend Adele? Jk. Haha. Sorry you had that horrible time - but thanks for sharing.
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    "The original LKP trifecta"

    Hey bruh! FYI. I just left a review on my Trifecta session w the lovely ladies of LKP. And Ya. I was surprised that the trifecta session at LKP was not reviewed more. Hear me out here… a few reasons I think for not many reviews for trifecta or for LKP is that the typical LKP hobbyist is...
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    Review: AZN- Annie

    agreed. since you said you are new to the scene….. here is some advice for OP - It seems like you might be more to the service and GFE styles of LoveKPhilly or EPM. You should check them out.
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    Review: LKP 3x the fun.

    “The claw”. Hahahaa. I never thought of it like that term but is funny as heck. Ya. The claw!!! I actually scheduled a few 1v1 sessions w Vicky after my Trips 3x meeting and I was so turned on when she would put herself in a position for the claw and after a while I wanted to get back to...
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    Review: LKP 3x the fun.

    Title: Review: LKP 3x the fun. Date: Dec 13, 2022 Phone: Google lovekphilly City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Center city area Age Estimate: 25-30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Suzie Jennie and Vicky. All three glammed up K Pop stars. This was an epic event. Private...
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    Review: Review: AZN Apple

    Is Apple new? And what was her body type? (Skinny / athletic / curvy / big boned). thx.
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    Review: Kate AZN

    Title: Review: Kate AZN Date: Oct 21, 2022 Phone: Google City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Chinatown Age Estimate: 29 Nationality: Thai Physical Description: Kate is short approx 5 ft 1 in. Tone body with dark tan skin. Private Details: Made the appointment via text with AZN. I am...
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    Review: LoveKPhilly - Suzie and Jenny Master Class

    I don’t have a K in my username. I did a double session w this agency. Easy verification and highly professional and the doubles session was spectacular. They are succubus pros.
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    Review: French Spa - Suzy

    Yes. Agreed. Bravo. good review my man!!
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    Killing in China Town

    They have stated it is the second floor of a residential apartment and the apartment owner was the one who shot the victim. So this was NOT a spa location.
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    Review: LKP - Doubles Suzie & Jenny

    I am giving this poster the benefit of the doubt. it was not completely over the top. Innocent until proven otherwise. I can agree that the screener / agency rep is a good person. I will go and review same and provide back results. Haters gonna hate. Also it would be nice to have...
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    Date a provider

    What is with all this common sense and sound / practical advise! I was expecting to hear at least a few off the wall / nonsensical offers of “reason”. But to the comments above —- truer words have never been spoken (or typed). To recap: it’s not that it can’t happen…. Anything can...
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    Review: Yoko @ Sun

    Great review. Yoko is talented! Very passionate too. great combo!