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    Review: NYAW - Fiona - Thanks Ampers

    they all likey the big eggroll!
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    Review: Tokyo health spa LIC

    start a new lic section. there's a ton of places there!
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    Review: Sunshine Health Tui-Na Corp

    if you don't bring your own anal lube to this place - forget about good service.
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    Review: GFE ASIA AMY review , reccomended

    i've never been there and never seen her but i am a know it all and i know everything there is to know about what i don't know. i do know one thing - all asian women likey the big eggroll!
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    Large Areolas and or Big long Nipples

    yes i have been there many times, i go every other weekend. they also have an annual nipple twisting contest!
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    Nuru, is it worth it?

    real nuru - wonderful spa - 22nd & 1st ave. they do it right, you'll love it!
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    Review: Mimi @ balala

    you must have forgot the anal lube. she is great!!
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    Review: Aiko - お帰りなさい -GGS

    i saw her this morning.
  9. M

    just curious...the structure of the amp landscape in nyc

    she still works...for sure for sure!
  10. M


    st marks & 3rd
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    Review: 98 Mott 6 FL

    yes erica rarely named mentioned - but she likey the big eggroll!
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    Tall Asian Girl

    quiet utr place on catherine st - 6 ft tall - lisa
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    Why isn't there a Bronx or Staten Island Section?

    where is that? i've been in manhattan all my life. i think i may of heard of those cities.
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    has anyone met Kim

    i see her once a week
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    Review: Nyack-Elegant Asian Spa

    i've been in manhattan all my life - where exactly in nyc is this place?
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    Has anyone tried this place yet?

    new girl there - the best!
  17. M

    AKA General Queens Log
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    Review: Review - Nikki @ Asian Lassies

    oh wow! good luck buddy boy!
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    BBJ and STDs

    yes - cure yourself - rub soy sauce on infected area then wash with boiling hot tea.
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    Review: Song Shun - Wendy

    the secret is to bring a fortune cookie and when you buzz tell them you have a fortune cookie where the fortune gave their address.