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    Healing Path - Tiffany

    I've heard amazing things about her, but never got a chance to meet her. If you could PM me as well, it'd be appreciated.
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    Foot Fetish Providers/Footjob

    I've never been turned down for a FJ at an AMP. If you see they have nice feet, just ask.
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    has anyone ever been asked for their ID(wasn't a sting operation)?

    Definitely not at a spa, absolutely not. I've been asked to send a photo of my ID for verification with verified upscale and specialty providers, but thats about it.
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    Review: Indy Nikki - NE

    This isnt necessarily true. Plenty of indies out there that will give you what you paid for. Especially the MT indies. You just have get experienced at identifying the red flags right from the ads that they post. In this particular case, Motel 6 on Roosevelt shouldve been a red flag.
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    Review: Review: Nikki (Frankie) FAR NE

    Anything on Roosevelt Blvd is guaranteed to be an addict and/or dangerous situation. Especially the Motel 6. They always have horrible attitudes, and they have guys walk in on purpose, because they know at the very least it will throw you off.
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    Devin cuddle in Bensalem

    I've seen her ad, and was curious as well. I'd like to get one solid "Yes" or "No" from someone who has actually seen her. Asking her directly is a quick way to get blocked by a lot of providers, and asking her in roundabout terms is a good way to get a bunch of insinuations and then be...
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    Review: Lisa - South Philly

    I've only seen her remove her top once. I once requested that she wear a thin white cotton sports bra and matching boy short panties for a massage. She got undressed to change into it. Other than that I've never seen her fully naked or without a top.
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    Review: Lucy-Healing Path

    Eva will pull her tits out for 80. 100 seems like gouging, but I think they just start at 100 just to see if they can get it sometimes.
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    Review: Healing Path-Lucy

    Yes. Just wondering how you knew.
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    Review: Healing Path-Lucy

    Mind if I DM you about it?
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    Review: Healing Path-Lucy

    That's obvious, it's been atleast 2 years since anyone has seen her for sure. You say "LONG GONE" like you know something for certain though.
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    Review: Healing Path-Lucy

    I can't say that she definitely gave a BJ at Healing Path, but I got her to indulge my foot fetish there, and reviews have talked her up quite a bit. I know from reviews that she was offering plenty more when she worked down the street at Village Spa for sure. And almost every review of her I've...
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    Review: Healing Path-Lucy

    I haven't heard of anything like this happening since Cici was there like 3 years ago. I've also seen both Lucy and Eva multiple times over the last couple years and never seen or heard of anything more than HE happening here.
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    Review: Anna- @Lisa

    I can confirm they do BJ and 69 for sure. I once read a review that said in the heat of the moment Lisa almost went FS with someone, but aside from that I've never heard of anyone getting more than BJ or 69.
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    Review: Ebony - Indy in Abington

    Ugh Ive been wanting to check her out since she first appeared, but all the reviews keep mentioning her wasted talent. She does have potential if she would step her game up, but unfortunately there is a level of actually wanting to do this that is required to be good at it. So I suppose we'll...
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    Review: Lisa's Anna

    This is true. I personally don't mind giving Lisa this amount, even though she raised the price a bit recently. However, I don't think Anna really measures up to Lisa. She should be getting 120, maybe 140 if she goes above and beyond.
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    Review: Anna- @Lisa

    Interesting. I didn't even know Lisa did ads. I discovered her through reviews here, and never noticed her posting anywhere.
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    Review: Anna- @Lisa

    Wow. Sounds like Anna is a lot more forthcoming with the extras than Lisa. I know Lisa usually charges an extra 80 up front for that BBBJ. Nice.
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    Review: Healing Path Eva

    I've had Eva pull up her shirt and pop her tits out for me before, they're natural, and very nice. Next time tell her you want to see them, and make sure you do it before she oils up her hands again. You can probably get it for the same tip, or worst case not much more.
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    Big booty

    I don't think you're going to find that level of booty among the normal providers in Philly. You're basically looking for a specialty body type, some sort of IG model type of girl. Maybe more of a touring porn star or stripper, higher end escort. There's not anyone who's local to Philly on a...