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    Review: San San (Forget New Name) Lilly?

    PS ended up getting celluitis on my soulder guessing ht elinens are not changed often.
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    Review: San San (Forget New Name) Lilly?

    Title: Review: San San (Forget New Name) Lilly? Date: Nov 17, 2022 Phone: Google City: Spring City State: PA Location: Run Down Strip Mall Age Estimate: 58 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite Private Details: Took a ride over. Visions of Lisa still danced in my head...
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    Old Apple Spa in Thorndale

    wow Apply that feels like a long time. I went there for first time not to long before they got shut down. How many years has that been now? Was well before the pandemic.
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    Review: Blue Star Spa---Spring City---Lily

    the nail salong was more of a clever cover. They had no real manicure table or pedicure chairs and a tiny selection of nail polish for a nail salong. I use to go their way way to much and more than once someone would come in for nails or I would walk in while someone got a manicure. Never...
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    Asian Housekeeper

    I was so lucky about 6 years ago. Advertised on Craig’s for a cleaner. Hired a girl from Pottstown. She would clean nude and take breaks whenever I wanted for activities. Was a great 6 months then she disappeared. She was passionate as hell and was as good or better than most legit cleaners I...
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    Suburb legends bucket list

    I had a great finish with Mickey. Big Mac fries and Coke. Left happy
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    Review: Ok spa- Sarah

    Especially this one it was getting to the point of being with a sex doll
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    Review: Ohio - Columbus - Wellness Comfort Zone

    Use to line off 161. Please tell me White Castle is still around. Miss Columbus
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    There was a joint in philly more like a whore house but they called it massage
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    Review: 7 stars kimberton Salena

    Interesting because clingy is one of favs for what they offer. May have to give Salem’s a quick spin
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    Review: Kop hotel massage

    Title: Review: Kop hotel massage Date: Jul 16, 2022 Phone: 610-570-8155 City: Kop State: Pa Location: Local budget motel Age Estimate: 58.5 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Great but dy pretty face but showed aged Private Details: So I know what all the local spots offer and...
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    What Spa in Delco/Montco/Northern DE would you rate as the cleanest, housekeeping-wise?

    Joanna’s is cleanest I have seen. It was also newly renovated when it opened as well I am sure is part of it
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    Review: Joannas

    I had a facial there once after a massage. Owner put me in a way to small robe and we went to the room they did facials in. I was pretty much in my birthday suit and towards end of facial I was up to attention. She asked if we wanted to go back to room for more tip and I agreed. This was not to...
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    Anyone know what happened to Lena from Palm Tree?

    Interesting. I frequent 7 stars. Always been Cindy with occasional sub
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    Review: Seven Stars

    The only ne thing about this place is the gala always deliver quality massage. Never complained about the at either. Great place
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    People tend to overypay thinking they get more. That is my experience in the philly de scene
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    Review: Classy Philly - Freya - KOP

    Not sure he w I overlooked this place. Checked website and your review and now plan to go as soon as I can.
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    Review: Sunrise Spa - Lucy

    I have not been yet what do you think she is?
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    Review: Massage Eden - Eva - West Chester

    yep been tipping that for over 25 years. Need to keep inflation out of this