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    Review: Kate - Joy’s

    Woman-on-top, man-on-top
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    Review: Sun Spa - Victoria "The Skin Flute Virtuoso"

    Search Victoria at Jade Spa in the NYC/Manhattan forum.
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    Are mongers staying away due to the Corona virus??

    Nothing against anyone here but please don't rely on this board for Corona virus information. Be safe everyone.
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    Review: Bala reflexology again

    I hear you as well. Is anyone other than Linda currently at the sister site?
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    Review: Ardmore Reflexology

    TV Guide Review??
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    Sue/ Sophia is coming back

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    Review: Ridge Spa

    Note that this report is from March.
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    Review: Lin's Magic Relaxation Massage-Lilly

    Ad also says do not ask for more than back massage. I think UNC's post is on point.
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    Review: Reflexology Ardmore

    Also no fs.
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    Review: Reflexology Ardmore

    No Lee at this amp. Maybe you meant somewhere else?
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    Credit for your Reviews

    Review posted in Philadelphia Reviews, awaiting approval. Many thanks!
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    Review: Review: Bridgeport Massage -- Wei Wei

    Title: Review: Review: Bridgeport Massage -- Wei Wei Date: Feb 2, 2019 Phone: 484-686-2096 City: Bridgeport State: PA Location: 4th Street Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite, cute, fit Private Details: Visited on a Saturday late afternoon. Fairly busy...