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  1. E

    How often do you do it with your wife?

    53 almost never but I wish 3 days a week
  2. E

    Review: BSC - Lorena

    Lorena is gorgeous, beautiful clit
  3. E

    Sarah BSC

    Anyone see Sarah at BSC ? She looks smokin
  4. E

    Survey: Sex/pops per week?

    53 6-7 times a week Monger with Latinas once a week
  5. E

    Crystal BSC

    Looks like it’s back now
  6. E

    Crystal BSC

    Angela took it down
  7. E

    Crystal BSC

    Bianca in Englewood
  8. E

    Crystal BSC

    New hottie alert!!! Crystal at BSC starts Friday. Gorgeous Brazilian with open menu. I’ve seen her elsewhere and she’s a knockout.
  9. E

    Blues latinas

    Place is as good as any spot in NJ. I’ve been Blues client for years and I think they have phenomenal talent
  10. E

    Review: BWW - Cali

    Great review! Why is she not on website ?
  11. E

    Review: BSC Suzy

    Who is the bee girl?
  12. E

    Review: BSC Sabrina

    $60 HF
  13. E

    Review: BSC Sabrina

    $200 all in is weekends only
  14. E

    Sarah BSC

    Anyone see her yet ?
  15. E

    BSC - Emily or Suzy

  16. E

    Review: BSC Anna

    Saw Lorena the other day. Smoke show
  17. E

    Barbie Reiki U

    Anyone see her yet ? Great juggs
  18. E

    Review: ReikiU - Jasmine Best Tits In The World? Natural E++ Hangers

    What happened to the daily schedule ?