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    Do any of you know where seven/Jenny/bianca is working now?
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    Review: 309 evergreen Sandy

    Great input to the conversation Ricky lol
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    Review: 309 evergreen Sandy

    I doubt the mamasan is the same lady from when sky was there. Could be wrong
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    Review: Ace Spa

    I had a problem with Kelly the other week. I was a walk in. I believe it was Kelly from the description of the one post. She seems cute. But halfway in I got the bate and switch. Somebody rang the bell. Not sure if they called and asked for her. But still not cool if that's the case.
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    north wales/lansdale area

    Go to evergreen 308 in Hatfield
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    Review: Healing touch - Lansdale

    Title: Review: Healing touch - Lansdale Date: Nov 29, 2019 Phone: (267) 663-7384 City: Lansdale State: Pa Location: Broad st Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Thick but very pretty Private Details: I went here over the weekend. First time here. I forget what...
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    Review: KofP hotel girls

    They are always there. But you will be extremely disappointed. Expect a lady 55+
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    Review: Healing Hands Horsham - Seven

    Kinda makes sense. She was there before. Maybe a year ago
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    Review: Ace apa 4 hands

    Title: Review: Ace apa 4 hands Date: Sep 16, 2019 Phone: City: Lansdale State: Pa Location: Broad Street Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Both are average looking. A little curvy Private Details: So I called ahead of time to see if they offer 4hands. And they...
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    Review: Healing Hands Horsham - Seven

    Jessica? As in Jenny/Bianca?
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    Review: Nice Time

    You used your card? ‍♂️
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    4 hands in lansdale, Horsham

    So I got a couple questions. Looking for 4 hands in lansdale/Horsham area. 1. Are there places around there that offer it?. 2. Do they offer it only when they are slow? So calling and scheduling would be best? Never had 4 hands sorry for the dumb questions
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    Review: Recharge Spa

    Of course I asked lol. Maybe I'll give it another shot .
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    Review: Recharge Spa

    That's new. I didn't get offered anything the one time I was there
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    Review: Ace spa lansdale

    Title: Review: Ace spa lansdale Date: Aug 9, 2019 Phone: (215) 361-0772 City: Lansdale State: PA Location: Broad Street Age Estimate: 50 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Thick chunky Private Details: Decided to go back here cause of the reviews and hoping to get the younger...
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    Review: Relax Therapy - Chalfont

    Yea this place should just shut down. There's so much turnover here and usually a bad experience
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    Review: Lisa @ evergreen

    So who left?
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    Review: Linda @TO

    Ok. Cause there is a TO in Hatfield
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    Review: Linda @TO

    This doesn't add up. It's in Hatfield but also in North East Philly? Which is it
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    Indie Evelyn in Lansdale

    Don't just show up. It's her home. I hope you are not creeping around her house.