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    Review: MSA - Cici

    What is the phone number? You left out one digit.
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    Review: sun spa-sara

    I have been wanting to try Sarah myself. Do you think giving her a shot would be worthwhile because you indicated no UTC was permitted. I’m thinking of giving it a try. if you can fill me in, it would be appreciated..
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    Review: Sun Relaxation Spa

    Thanks for your reply. It’s appreciated., keep us posted thanks.
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    Review: Sun Relaxation Spa

    I have heard about Mimi before And some other additional posts that I have read, I have also read about Sarah. Have you had any experience with her? I’ve been wanting to stop by just want to determine which one of the two to ask for your reply would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Review: Sun spa. (Mimi)

    It looks like sun spa is one of your favorite stops, since you stop by often, have you ever been with the other provider Sarah? If so, is she worth a try from what I understand she is in good shape and extremely pretty. If you can give me the heads up, it would be appreciated.
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    Review: Sun Spa

    Thanks for your reply. It sounds like you obviously frequent sun spa. Also, have you been there recently and if you have, did you see Sarah or Mimi because from what I am reading they seem to be the two best choices.
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    Review: Sun Spa

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    Review: Sun Spa

    It seems like you had a fairly good time. I’ve been wanting to go to sun spa. But I did not get around to it as of yet Sarah sounds pretty interesting. Do you think she would go beyond a R&T situation. perhaps maybe accommodate with a.BJ what’s your thought?
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    Review: Sun Spa

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    Review: Blue Moon Spa

    I have heard about sun spa. is it a regular stop for you since you have recommended it.
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    Review: 23 Spa Acupressure

    Do you remember what her name was or what she look like your description of her was kind of vague I don’t recall seeing anyone there like her.
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    Review: Spa 35 - Judy

    Hello fast Eddie in reference to your post it sounded very relaxing for you glad to hear that. you also had mentioned that you got to try a new girl but you also said you have previously been with Sarah I am wondering if it’s the same one that I saw. What did she look like the one that told me...
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    Providers with Two Names

    In reference to your post your statement is definitely accurate they do change there name and the spas they work in frequently yes that is very true why is this.
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    Review: 23 Spa Keansburg

    I believe you mentioned candy had an a cup definitely not the same girl the one that I mentioned had a C cup and again extremely good looking and well put together.
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    Review: 23 Spa Keansburg

    Maybe I misunderstood her name she look to be approximately 50 years old very nice looking lady it is possible I did not get her name correct I believe she was a Korean lady. very neat and clean, in my opinion she has a beautiful body.
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    Review: 23 Spa Keansburg

    Approximately about a week to a week and a half ago did anyone go with Sarah if so what did you think of her.
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    I work at an Asian Spa (Ask me anything)

    Thanks for your reply in reference to dating a R/T girl. in your reply you have stated that evenR/T girls bang their customers. I can’t seem to get my head around this is the simple reason I have been to quite a few spas and I have treated them well and in certain places you get the same...
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    I work at an Asian Spa (Ask me anything)

    What are your thoughts about having a r&t provider as a girlfriend. do you think she would put you first and foremost over our customers.