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  1. horneddog

    Anyone experience her??
  2. horneddog

    Anyone ever see Lisa? Travel around the area and I've seen her ads before. I always look for for in call and wonder if that could be on the table?
  3. horneddog

    Review: Saw Scarlet at Sesame 54.. Fantastic Session with a Sexy Lady

    buyers market, cant be afraid to walk for service that is way overpriced. Paying Mercedes price for a Yugo just not many's idea of a good time!
  4. horneddog

    Miss Folly

    i thought it sounded like lipo suction. nothing I wanted to see!
  5. horneddog

    Review: Emma at Sesame 54; Another slamming Good Time!

    Says a guy with 5 reviews in 5 yrs.... OOOOHHH 6 yrs around the corner - get ready for that NEXT testimonial!!!
  6. horneddog

    Miss Folly

    Talked to her about 4 yrs ago. She was just 1 mo removed from some surgery. Didnt sound like a scene I was interested in exploring!
  7. horneddog

    Review: Green Plus - Tina

    Title: Review: Green Plus - Tina Date: Oct 25, 2023 Phone: 267-263-2047 City: HArleysville State: PA Location: Near Turnpike entrance House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .7 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: early - mid 40's Physical Description: 5' 0', short hair pulled back ...
  8. horneddog

    Review: Recharge - Jessie, Corrected version

    Title: Review: Recharge - Jessie, Corrected version Date: Sep 21, 2023 Phone: 267-475-2857 City: Lansdale State: PA Location: Near train Station House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .6 + .6 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Late 40's Physical Description: 5' 3', hair pulled back this time...
  9. horneddog

    Review: great time

    Hmmmm...... Seems like a plant review....
  10. horneddog

    Review: MQ Linda

    I was a huge Amy fan pre pandemic & was sad when she left. Just wondered if she ever surfaced elsewhere or did she take the $$ and go home!
  11. horneddog

    Review: Recharge - Jessie

    Title: Review: Recharge - Jessie Date: Jul 31, 2023 Phone: 2674752857 City: Lansdale State: PA Location: Near train station House Fee and Tip (if applicable) .60 for 1 hr Age Estimate: 40's Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Younger, pretty, slender Private Details: Recharge...
  12. horneddog

    Review: Sesame Spa - May

    I am relatively new to SJ, spending most of my time near AC. Where is Race St?
  13. horneddog

    Atlantic City updates/notes

    He's been on this board for 2 yrs and hasnt posted one review. He's at minimum a lurker a-hole or worse, a THIEF, stealing intel from other members and not contributing to the general knowledge base for others.
  14. horneddog

    Atlantic City updates/notes

    Perhaps you'd like me to come in there and wash your dick ... C'Mon bud, the Vet cant be expected to do everything!!
  15. horneddog

    coming down for business near Frisco this week. Any suggestions?

    Thnx for all the responses and PM's As it turned out, I was kept busy with work, team dinners, etc from 7am to collapsing in the hotel room post 1130 PM ea day. Pretty sure I didnt want to pay thos inflated prices there anyway.
  16. horneddog

    coming down for business near Frisco this week. Any suggestions?

    From R & T to FS, please PM me anything you would recommend that will lead to a POSITIVE memory of my time tin Texas!
  17. horneddog

    Review: Recharge - Jenny

    Title: Review: Recharge - Jenny Date: Feb 27, 2023 Phone: 267-475-2857 City: Lansdale State: PA Location: Near Train station Age Estimate: 50's+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: petite lil thing, stayed masked entire time Private Details: 2nd time seeing Jenny since Lisa left...
  18. horneddog

    Review: Green - Connie

    Title: Review: Green - Connie Date: Feb 3, 2023 Phone: City: Kulpsville State: PA Location: near Turnpike Age Estimate: 20's Nationality: Korean Physical Description: attractive, curvy Private Details: Called for AM appt, went and chatted with EMO while we waited for Connie to come in...
  19. horneddog

    When to walk out (Joanna's in Paoli)

    looks like mods took care of him. comment not visible and no listing for that name
  20. horneddog

    Atlantic City updates/notes

    No problem. Always willing to share when the sharing is good!