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    Review: Lucy

    Title: Review: Lucy Date: Aug 14, 2022 Phone: 646-726-2679 City: New York State: NY Location: Chinatown Age Estimate: 42 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Pretty face, nice boobs Private Details: This is a new spot in CT with four women. Lucy, who used to work at 98 Mott, 74 Forsyth...
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    Review: Dove Spa UES

    Title: Review: Dove Spa UES Date: Jul 16, 2022 Phone: 212-961-6233 City: New York State: NY Location: UES Age Estimate: 38 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: good body, nice face, B's Private Details: This place is between 1st and York on E74, closer to 1st. Went there late on...
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    Review: La La @74A chinatown

    67 Eldridge
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    Sex work may be decriminalize

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    What would you recommend in China Town?

    So where's the best place to get frozen items like dumplings and dim sum?
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    Review: AL - Nicole

    Title: Review: AL - Nicole Date: Oct 11, 2021 Phone: City: New York State: NY Location: Midtown West Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Attractive, natural, busty Private Details: I texted Kim to make a 30 minute appointment. Got a lineup and chose Nicole...
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    Review: Maya at Beauties Collective

    Is tipping expected? What does Monica look like?
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    Review: Zen Bodywork UES

    Title: Review: Zen Bodywork UES Date: May 2, 2021 Phone: 212-628-2168 City: New York State: NY Location: 73rd Street Age Estimate: 35-47 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite, Slim, Attractive Private Details: I've always walked by this place and it doesn't look like much...
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    Review: Lucy

    dunno this looks like an old review of 6th floor lucy who isn't there anymore, review balance zero for this op. I call this a fake. I think I've seen this review before, plus it doesn't sound like 3rd floor lucy anyway.
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    Review: 246 grand ave

    It's 6th Floor Lily.
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    Review: 98 Mott lily

    You know, when you're in a place where the girls don't negotiate the tip with you beforehand, it's not the classiest move to surprise them with less money than they deserve. Some guys think that they need to be cheap so the girls don't start expecting or charging more. But I would imagine that...
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    Review: Lear - Shelly Fox

    Her cans look rock hard in the photos and you're saying she's all natural?
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    Review: Mila-Russian hottie

    search cityxguide, the ad is there.
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    Review: 98 Mott 6th Floor Lilly

    There's a Lilly on both floors...
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    Review: Hot Indy Blonde Jamie

    I saw her a while back. She's good, worth visiting.
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    Review: Sammi at Asian Desires

    Describe "thick."
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    Review: Strange Time at 98 Mott 6th floor

    She wasn't lying and she wasn't playing you. She gave you a massage and you should pay her for her work. I don't care what happens in NJ but giving 3 jacks is pretty insulting in my opinion. The standard is 4-6 jacks, not 3.
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    Review: Strange Time at 98 Mott 6th floor

    If I'm reading this correctly you owe Lucy thirteen washingtons and you could give Llily another jack, she's a nice lady. There's no reason to be cheap at a place that's cheap to begin with.
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    Review: GC Sofia Returns as Indy

    She would look better if she had put on some makeup, but maybe it's cuz i saw her around lunchtime. I can't complain about her performance, she's good, big tits a plus.
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    Review: GC Sofia Returns as Indy

    I saw Jamie today. She was pretty good.