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    Review: Jamaica Massage

    Yeah this is a 120 160 spot and the massage is terrible. I wouldn't recommend this spot but that area is pretty isolated.
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    $100 Roosevelt Ave Migrant Latinas 90th St

    Just walk man. 60 and 80 if they are exceptional. Don't spend more than that. It's just not worth it at that point. You are better off going to the countless reviewed spots that are this price point in a safer cleaner location.
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    Review: Lisa Austinbeautyspa

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    Cherry Ave FH

    Went this week. The one I had was mechanical and had stiff buns lmao. As I was leaving I saw the other one and was internally hurt and was going to risk two pop but I'm not that guy. Dodge the first door and check in the 2nd one.
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    Any1 try American Beauty and Health

    The goat thanks
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    Any1 try American Beauty and Health

    Went by on Tuesday and the front door lady quoted 200 plus tips and I walked immediately but they texted me 100 for all services rendered. Was interested in what I saw but wanted to know if it's worth investing 300 for a session here. Thanks!
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    Review: Moon Spa I-Lee

    It's in the review. When you goto the cross street you can't miss it.
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    Review: Pretty Yuki - Niki

    Thought you were asking if there was one. No they prob wont and the shower doesn't look super clean. Goto a spa with TS for that.
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    Review: Pretty Yuki - Niki

    You can shower if you want.
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    Review: Moon Spa I-Lee

    That's what I got from the text.
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    Review: Moon Spa I-Lee

    Forgot to mention that the ST was impressive solid 9/10.
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    Review: Moon Spa I-Lee

    Title: Review: Moon Spa I-Lee Date: Apr 12, 2024 Phone: 9294854185 City: Flushing State: NY Location: Northen blvd and Union street House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 +100 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 35 Physical Description: Black long hair, Approx 5 foot 3 inches, B cup prob...
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    Review: Rego Beauty Spa - Judy Legit

    I can almost guarantee you their aint no extras
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    Review: Vicky @CH168

    Title: Review: Vicky @CH168 Date: Feb 15, 2024 Phone: 9298667666 City: Queens State: NY Location: Jamaica ave by J station House Fee & Tip (if applicable) Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: Slim fake top Private Details: Wanted another girl but got Vicky...
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    Review: Sakura88

    When I went there was two. Prob more on peak day and times.
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    Review: Sakura88

    Yeah a lil overpriced for me but I did have a good time with Julia. She is very attractive.
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    Review: Sakura88

    DM location por favor. I enjoyed sakura88. Hopefully service is the same. They did a gj on my back.
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    Review: Sakura88

    Unfortunately this place doesn't exist anymore =/
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    Rosy trans

    I kind of concur. With the higher risk of STD spread in those activities it brings a higher probability of crossover in the populatuon of hetero folks. Obviously can't do much about it but meh. Those kind of activities should be reserved for dating but thats just me. The risk doesn't justify the...
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    Review: M Spa

    Any massage for the session? Also 1 hr of hhr?