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    Anyone checking out Sun Spa recently?

    If this is the same Nana from 9VIP a couple of months ago, she’s a great provider.
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    Review: Tracy

    I'm going to print some tee shirts that I'll only wear when hobbying. Plain tee shirt with "Wayne1250" across the chest. Any takers?
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    Review: MagicMouth Dez

    Title: Review: MagicMouth Dez Date: Jul 13, 2021 Phone: provides all the info you'll need City: Pennsauken State: NJ Location: Residential and private Age Estimate: 50's Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: About 5'5", confident older lady Private...
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    Review: Nana @ AZN

    Title: Review: Nana @ AZN Date: Jul 12, 2021 Phone: (215) 410-5670 City: Philly State: PA Location: Wood Age Estimate: mid-30's maybe Nationality: Thai Physical Description: Sexy as hell, 5'4", large man-mades, several back tattoos Private Details: Called AZN in the late morning and was...
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    Review: Wash Spa

    Title: Review: Wash Spa Date: Jul 8, 2021 Phone: 215-278-7828 City: Philly State: PA Location: Wash Ave Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Athletic not skinny, 5'4", beautiful rack Private Details: After failed attempts at getting in touch with Naomi...
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    Review: Linda @ Washington Spa

    Title: Review: Linda @ Washington Spa Date: Jun 17, 2021 Phone: (215) 278-7828 City: Philly Location: Wash Ave Age Estimate: 50 something Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite, older, masked, like someone you might see at the grocery store Private Details: I expected this...
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    New Place in South Philly

    I TOFTT and will write a review soon. Here’s the short version. OK for hobbyists and mongers. More offered than Oasis/Ocean but far less than Race.
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    New Place in South Philly

    You may have this spa confused with another. Washington Spa opened right around the time the pandemic began and then had to close almost immediately.
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    New Place in South Philly

    Julie’s place was across the street. This place looks strictly legit.
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    Review: Dr Pat

    I've seen Dr Pat twice. Once was enough. As others have said, the edging is very enjoyable. On my second visit, I donated a little more for upgraded service that went beyond the nude massage option. It was just meh. Pat is in her mid-seventies, at least, and IMHO looks it. If appearance isn't an...
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    Review: Annie @AZN

    Forgot to mention that Jenny will probably not return. She'll be in Thailand for at least a couple of years. On the day of my visit it was only Annie and Apple. She didn't say if Nana is still around. They're working on bringing in another provider soon.
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    Review: Annie @AZN

    Title: Review: Annie @AZN Date: Jun 11, 2021 Phone: Google it City: PHL State: PA Location: Wood Age Estimate: 30 something Nationality: Thai Physical Description: Curvy, busty, tattoos, sexy as hell Private Details: Was able to see Annie in the morning for maybe the 5th time. Each time...
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    I also tried calling this morning but May wasn't there. It sounded like there was on other provider. Any intel on her?
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    Morning hours

    My work schedule is changing for a week so I don't need to go in until around 10:00 in the morning. Are there any places open at 9:00 in the morning in the city?
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    Review: azn delight - Jenny

    I saw Jenny last week. She will be gone for years. It doesn’t sound like she’ll be coming back to AZN.
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    Review: Jenny @ AZN (leaving soon)

    Title: Review: Jenny @ AZN (leaving soon) Date: May 13, 2021 Phone: Google it City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Near Chinatown Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Thai Physical Description: toned, enhanced, a few tattoos, 5'3", a beauty Private Details: I had a great time as always with...
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    Happy Birthday Sue!

    Happy Birthday, Sue. You’re a treasure.
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    Review: Annie @ AZN

    Title: Review: Annie @ AZN Date: Mar 26, 2021 Phone: Look it up City: Philly State: PA Location: Wood Age Estimate: 35-40 Physical Description: petite, curvy, big top, a few tattoos Private Details: This was my second or third time with Annie. I like how aggressive she can be and that...
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    Review: Jenny @ AZN

    I saw Jenny last week and she is one of my favorite providers. Whereas Annie is a take charge woman, my sessions with Jenny feel like hooking up with a old girlfriend. Jenny usually seems to be available in the mornings, but Nana doesn't seem to be available until the late afternoon. If you know...
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    Review: Tian @ Ocean/Oasis

    Title: Review: Tian @ Ocean/Oasis Date: Feb 5, 2021 Phone: (267) 323-0457 City: Philly State: PA Location: S. Broad Age Estimate: 45plus Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: skinny, no butt, 5'2", large top that is mostly bra Private Details: Had an itch for a decent massage plus...