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    Review: Spring Spa & Wellness Miya / Mia

    I’ve seen her a few times in the past, but it’s been awhile. I’ve asked for more, but she always declines. Even for a generous tip. She gives the best massage there and is usually dressed in a skirt. Had no luck with extras. Disappointing.
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    Review: Spring Spa and Wellness - Lisa

    Title: Review: Spring Spa and Wellness - Lisa Date: Feb 7, 2024 Phone: (215) 830-8388 City: Willow Grove State: Pa Location: Near the train station. House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60/60 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40ish Physical Description: Pettite, around 5’1”, nice body...
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    Review: Chinese New Year Massage

    I’ve been to this place in the past. Never had Yuki. She might be new. Many of the providers change regularly. Mia seems like the only regular.
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    Review: Spring Spa & Wellness Miya / Mia

    Mia gives a decent massage and is usually dressed nice in a skirt and sometimes nylons if I remember correctly. It’s been a few months since I’ve seen her.
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    Review: Spring Spa & Wellness Miya / Mia

    I’ve been to this place before and saw her, but it’s been a long time. Are there any extras available?
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    Review: Ebony - Abington

    Not sure where she is located now. I had the same experience. Once at a hotel and once at her apartment. Then she go weird. Not returning texts and making lame excuses for canceling at the last minute. I won’t waste my money again. Better options close by.
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    Review: Ebony - Abington

    If this the same Ebony from a few months ago, the area was fine. I saw her a couple of times in the past and she sometimes changes locations within the Abington area. Buyer beware however. She can be very flakey with canceling confirmed appointments at the last minute with little or no...
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    Review: Hand Healing - Shishi

    Spring Spa and Wellness is close by, in Willow Grove. Decent massage, but extras seem to be dependent upon the provider. They usually dress nice in skirts, sometimes nylons.
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    Review: Wan Wan - Selina

    I’ve been here before, but never saw Selina. How does she dress, typical yoga pants and teeshirt? I always saw Tiffany and as very conservative.
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    Review: Spring Spa & Wellness Center

    Was her name Mia? She is the best there. Usually a decent massage and the providers lately have been dressing in skirts, sometimes nylons also.
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    Spring Spa and Wellness

    Anyone have recent experiences at Spring Spa and Wellness in Willow Grove? Haven’t been there in awhile as the providers are always changing.. Mia seems like the only regular at this place. Usually a decent massage, but not a lot of extras. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Review: lucy at lotus health spa

    There was an Ewa that was at Spring Spa in Willow Grove also.
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    Review: Lavender Spa - Lucy

    Several of the ladies from a few months ago. All were decent, but none of them are there anymore.
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    Review: Lavender Spa - Lucy

    This place has definitely taken a step back the last several months. Providers are changing frequently and not as good as it used to be in my opinion.
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    Review: "Privaite Spa Services" - Jenkintown - Nicole

    I was thinking about making an appointment with her, but after seeing the negative reviews, I’m not wasting my time.
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    Dress up massage in Montgomery County

    Appreciate it guys. The yoga pants and teeshirt look is getting old.
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    Dress up massage in Montgomery County

    Does anyone have suggestions for places where the providers normally dress up in skirts, heels and maybe stockings? Doesn’t have to be full service. Getting tired of the standard yoga pants and teeshirt look. Thanks in advance.
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    Review: Spring Wellness- Sofia

    This place has become hit or miss over the last couple of years. The providers seem to change regularly, with the exception of Mia. She seems to be the only regular and gives a decent massage.
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    Review: Spring spa and wellness center

    Yeah, this has to be a mistake. I’ve been there a few times recently and never that much of a donation. Willow Grove location is decent, but providers change regularly, except for Mia. Not sure if she’s the mms, but always looking great, dressed in a skirt and sometimes stockings. Decent...