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    Haha Spa on North Wales Rd.

    I asked the same question a few months ago. Didn't get much response so stopped in. Totally therapeutic, got an ok massage, but nothing great. Good looking girl, sort of a shame.
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    Review: Jins Spa

    Title: Review: Jins Spa Date: May 3, 2024 Phone: 215-280-7110 City: Oreland State: Pennsylvania Location: Pa Avenue & Jackson St House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $70 + $40 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40? Physical Description: Pretty face, 5'5" 130 lbs, long hair in a ponytail...
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    Review: Massage Quest - Linda

    Title: Review: Massage Quest - Linda Date: Mar 15, 2024 Phone: 610-937-8147 City: Collegeville State: Pa Location: Redners Shopping Ctr House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $120 all in Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40's? Physical Description: 5'7" 150lbs Average looks but big DD...
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    Review: Tao Spa - Mei Li

    Title: Review: Tao Spa - Mei Li Date: Feb 1, 2024 Phone: 215-824-8585 City: Glenside State: PA Location: 106 N Keswick Avenue House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $100 + $30 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: Mom Bod, 5'0" 120 lbs Long dark hair tied up, wore sweats...
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    Review: It's always Sunny @ Yang Yang

    I don't get the $80 tip for that service. Not really my business, and if she was your regular go to I would understand. Just seems like throwing $20 away, IMHO.
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    Back in the day a lot of the suburban spas had saunas. If you were a good customer you could get round one in the sauna and then to the room for round 2. Maya at 777 was the best!
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    Review: Allevia - Amanda

    Title: Review: Allevia - Amanda Date: Nov 25, 2023 Phone: 267-837-7788 City: East Norriton State: Pennsylvania Location: Sied street off Township Line House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $2 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40? Physical Description: 5'3 125 curvy with small B's and a nice...
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    Saw her a couple of years ago. Had a place in a industrial complex in Huntingdon Valley. One room set up, nicely done with low lights and music. That's the good news. The bad news is that there were no extras. Maybe that has changed but it was a definite no back then.
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    Review: Village Spa - Sofie - REPOST

    Title: Review: Village Spa - Sofie - REPOST Date: Oct 27, 2023 Phone: 267-966-8601 City: Glenside State: PA Location: Easton Road House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $.6 + $.6 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40? Physical Description: 5'2" - 150 lbs - B Cups - Cute Private Details: Been...
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    Review: Healing Path-Lucy

    If anyone has any Coco ( from the old Eastern) info please feel free to PM. Thanks!
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    Review: Tao Spa - Cindy

    I have been here many times over the years, since they first opened this shop. 95% therapeutic. But every once in awhile you get a girl in a good mood and more fun can be had. Have to go expecting just a good massage, but letting them know you want more, in a respectful manner, can sometimes...
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    Review: Massage Quest Spa Buckingham - Linda

    Have stopped in here a few times over the years. Always a good therapeutic massage but no extras. At least not for me!
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    Review: Thaniya Massage - Coco

    Title: Review: Thaniya Massage - Coco Date: Jul 9, 2023 Phone: 267-263-4078 City: Montgomeryville State: PA Location: On Route 309, just north of the Mall House Fee and Tip (if applicable) $60 + $60 Age Estimate: 40? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Cute, sturdy and curvy...
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    Soothing Fingertips… anyone?

    Can echo the above. Older, massage was OK at best. BJ same. She is actually sort of interesting to talk to but I was a definite no on going back.
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    Review: Recharge Spa - Anna

    Title: Review: Recharge Spa - Anna Date: Jun 30, 2023 Phone: 267-475-2857 City: Lansdale State: Pennsylvania Location: W Main near Broad House Fee and Tip (if applicable) $60 + $60 Age Estimate: 50? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Mom Bod Private Details: Out shopping and...
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    Review: Massage Quest

    Title: Review: Massage Quest Date: Jun 14, 2023 Phone: 610-299-7373 City: Warminster State: PA Location: 322 York Road Shopping Cener Age Estimate: 40? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Small girl - Classic Spinner Look Private Details: It had been quite a while since I stopped...
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    Review: Healing Path -Cindy

    This place is in Wyncote, not Wyndmoor.
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    Ever Do The Mamasan?

    LOVED that place! Porno mags in the sauna, got you all worked up while drying off from the shower. Many Ladies that seemed to love what they did for a living.
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    Best concert you went to

    Early 70's. MSG. The Dead, with new Riders of the Purple Sage opening.