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    Review: Spring Spa & Wellness Center - Amy

    Title: Review: Spring Spa & Wellness Center - Amy Date: May 26, 2024 Phone: 215-830-8388 City: Willow Grove State: Pa Location: 115 N York Rd House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 40 + 60 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Early 30s Physical Description: Dark hair back in pony tail, 5’4”...
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    Review: Sun Health Spa-Ruby

    She is happy to schedule same day if available and will give some same day alternative times to fit in same day if she already has appts And she also seems very good at honoring appointments taken a day in advance.
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    Review: Ruby foot spa - new girl Chili

    ….police storming the building ….hidden cameras in the rooms ….karens protesting outside
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    Hand Healing Jenny & Bobbi

    Do you work at the Dry Cleaners, lol I’m picturing a scene like when Norm from Cheers walked in the bar, do you walk in and the ladies are like “JM1968!!!”? I concur, Jenny is gorgeous
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    Review: Massage Quest- Linda

    It was House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60/80
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    LE at Spring Rose

    Cmon in!!!!
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    Seven stars/Yi spa Phoenixville

    Maybe better luck if you DM’d her?!?!?
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    Review: Asian Massage - new therapeutic massage device just in from China

    So the HF for the massage gun-like treatment is $120/hour? Did it resolve/help any chronic pain issues you were experiencing?
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    Review: Massage Quest - Linda

    I know she typically tries to assess the generosity of the anticipated tip around the time of the flip so if that happened and $40 was discussed at that point, guessing that could have been a mood dampener
  10. J

    General question on HE vs FS places

    If you give the ‘usual’ donation I’m sure they’d be happy to just paint your toe nails if that’s all you want. Im guessing most FS providers are going to be miffed if you’re suggesting ala carte pricing on a regular basis, doesn’t matter whether in the burbs or city
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    Review: Evergreen309 Tina

    It’s on Bethlehem Pike
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    Review: Health Spa - Mila

    Asia Spa is above a pizza shop
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    East Norriton Spa

    2 reviews posted
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    Review: Paradise Bodywork/Annie

    Still probably not cool to post pics received by text
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    Magic)) pils

    PDE5 slows blood flow PDE5 inhibitors block the PDE5 enzyme to prevent it from working PDE5 inhibitors increase blood flow
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    Retrousse tits

    Jenny at Hand Healing
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    Review: Spring Spa and Wellness Center

    Wan Wan across the street, all the providers seem able to deliver deep tissue, hard massage
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    Review: sunflower massage spa with visit to Amy

    Watched the saga last week and felt the mods were more than fair!! Mod Clarified the rules, affirmed sage advice provided by senior member, validated the opposition comments and advised to let sleeping dogs lie Felt like the game ended in a tie and Jasong may have even been awarded the win in...
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    Review: Bala Day Spa - Giselle

    Here’s what BDS is going to look like when the heat from this post shuts the shop down or kills goose laying the golden eggs And are you serious? Too far to drive? Where you at, Pittsburgh?