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    Review: King Acupressure - Michelle

    exactly. old habit from the days when we had to be more careful with putting exact numbers in our reviews
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    Review: King Acupressure - Michelle

    Title: Review: King Acupressure - Michelle Date: Mar 1, 2024 Phone: (732) 244-1199 City: Toms River State: NJ Location: 970 NJ-166 d House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 & $20 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 45-55 Physical Description: Great shape with cloths on. Flabby (skinny fat)...
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    Review: Queens Spa - Candy

    Title: Review: Queens Spa - Candy Date: Feb 11, 2023 Phone: (732) 667-1298 City: Toms River State: NJ Age Estimate: 45-50(ish) Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Strong garlic odor, avg to big side, plain face, 5' 2", B cup Private Details: Wanted to book with lily but she wasn't...
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    Review: Queen Spa - Mia

    Title: Review: Queen Spa - Mia Date: Oct 30, 2022 Phone: (732) 667-1298 City: Toms River State: NJ Location: 1231 Lakewood Rd Age Estimate: ~ 55-60 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: ~ 5', medium build, gilf, athletic build for her age, flower tattoo on left chest Private...
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    Review: king acupressure

    i can't believe i missed cici!
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    Review: RnR -Yuriko GFE

    Title: Review: RnR -Yuriko GFE Date: Sep 11, 2022 Phone: 516 399 1388 City: manhattan State: ny Location: 55 & Lex Age Estimate: looked 25 to me but I'm sure in her 30s Nationality: Japanese Physical Description: 5'7", natural B cup, girl next door look Private Details: My first time at...
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    Review: NYAF - Angela

    Title: Review: NYAF - Angela Date: Jun 12, 2022 Phone: (929) 992-8866 City: NYC State: NY Location: W 38th Age Estimate: 22 is what she told me Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: ~5'3" she was really light maybe 105 at the most, c-cups probably mm but very well done, pretty face...
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    I was in an amp when it got raided once. This was in cherry hill, years ago 2015 maybe 2016. It's not a big deal, though it's fucking terrifying at first lol. One cop shouted "everyone get dressed and get into the hall now". It was only me and another guy. They asked for our IDs and me and the...
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    Review: Orient Span - Yumi

    Title: Review: Orient Span - Yumi Date: Feb 26, 2022 Phone: (201) 492-0489 City: Toms River State: NJ Age Estimate: 55 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: B cups maybe C, 5'2", flat butt, ok face Private Details: located near back of plaza, go through warehouse type door and...
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    Review: Queen spa

    Title: Review: Queen spa Date: Feb 20, 2022 Phone: 732 667 1298 City: Toms River State: Nj Location: Toms River Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5’3”(ish) skinny fat (couldn’t be more than 120lb), a cup, ok face Private Details: First time here, typical small...
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    Review: Kings acupuncture

    i don't have game like guys that pick up girls at bars, it balances out lol
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    Review: Kings acupuncture

    Title: Review: Kings acupuncture Date: Nov 20, 2021 Phone: (732) 244-1199 City: Toms River State: Nj Age Estimate: 55 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Spinner, small natural, fit Private Details: Ruby is new here. I think her and Nani are going to be the new regulars at kings...
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    Review: NYAW - Sara

    Title: Review: NYAW - Sara Date: Sep 16, 2021 Phone: (929) 382-1000 City: NYC State: NY Location: Mid town Age Estimate: 20s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite, Beautiful face Private Details: One of my best sessions at this place. This woman let me FF her upside down...
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    Review: King acupuncture - Nani

    Title: Review: King acupuncture - Nani Date: Sep 25, 2021 Phone: (732) 244-1199 City: Toms River State: NJ Location: Rt 9 Age Estimate: 40(ish) Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Spinner Private Details: Nani was very accommodating. Let me dine at the Y for 80. Which is what I...
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    Review: Nyaw - cherry

    She has great technique and for guys really into spinners shes the ideal size. Sorry should have clarified that part.
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    Review: Nyaw - cherry

    Title: Review: Nyaw - cherry Date: Jun 18, 2021 Phone: (929) 382-1000 City: Nyc State: Ny Location: 57th Age Estimate: 20s-early 30s Physical Description: Spinner Private Details: I’ve been here 3x’s, two of those times I saw the goddess that goes by Fiona. Unfortunately for me she...
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    Review: Nyaw - Fiona

    Title: Review: Nyaw - Fiona Date: May 25, 2021 Phone: City: Nyc State: Ny Location: Midtown Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 5’3” athletic full natural breasts Private Details: Went to nyaw for the first time a week ago and my world has never been the same...
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    Review: King me again

    By FAR my fav establishment in tr. cici is my go to just love talking with her and Jeanie is always incredibly sexy and a goddess when she’s turned on that day. Love this place. Could not recommend it enough.
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    Review: Fiona - all wellness

    Saw Fiona last night and I was blown away!!! I’m going back tonight. And probably every other night for the foreseeable future, I’m in trouble.