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  1. Mandingo1969

    Review: Fast House Latin

    Title: Review: Fast House Latin Date: Oct 30, 2021 Phone: 551-275-3314 City: North Berg State: NJ Location: 1&9 Age Estimate: 40+ Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Slim thick, honey complexion, brown hair with Hi lights Private Details: Well...I TOFTT here. After seeing...
  2. Mandingo1969

    Review: Gold Spa - Jenny

    Perfect for guys my size. She still had a Lil trouble but not as much as others, "Too big..too big."
  3. Mandingo1969

    Review: Betty SNJ

    She used to be a super freak back in the late 90's. Every hole was available because she just liked it. Sometimes she didn't even charge if it was really good to her. But that menopause kicked in. So it's just a service for her now.
  4. Mandingo1969

    Review: Isabel - montclair

    She goes between Roselle and montclair. Isabel only in Montclair.
  5. Mandingo1969

    Review: M & L healthy spa

    Thanks for taking one for the team here.
  6. Mandingo1969

    Throwback Thursday- Closed AMPs you really miss

    Yesssssss Joe in Old Tappan. His sister used to work there, Susan. Best bbbj ever.
  7. Mandingo1969

    Linas in Roselle/Montclair?

    I forgot her name but she is tall and thick. Not Isabel though.
  8. Mandingo1969

    Review: Second Go with Isabel

    That McDonalds quote wins phrase of the year... lmao!!!!
  9. Mandingo1969

    Review: Helena - Mature Hungarian

    I've never seen. I was only describing her body type based on the description of the post.
  10. Mandingo1969

    Review: Helena - Mature Hungarian

    That is what you call a "Pigeon Breasted" female
  11. Mandingo1969

    Review: Jay is back

    I hope so. Love and woman who can take a pounding.
  12. Mandingo1969

    Review: Cute chubby Linda at 785 salon

    Since she was chubby, did she have a big ass and wide hips?
  13. Mandingo1969

    Review: Cleo - Independent

    I don't know about the rest of you guys but something seems off and suspicious with this review. Almost like an ad.
  14. Mandingo1969

    Review: Relaxing Asian Spa - May

    Been calling for days now. Not even for appointments. Just to make sure Carol is ok.
  15. Mandingo1969

    Strip clubs w/ extras

    Yes. The real name is Satin Dolls on route 17 "Home of the Bada Bing," used to read the sign.
  16. Mandingo1969

    Review: LasPika

    I tried to get over there too. But just as it was about to pull in the lot, 2 50 units sitting out front. Dude called me and said he was sorry and give them 3 more minutes. I told him the place was hot and cops out front. He tried to assure me that they were there all the time and not to worry...
  17. Mandingo1969

    Review: Lapika-another win

    Did she say her name by any chance?